around Alentejo: Luís Mendonça is the new Amarela.Gustavo Veloso wins Time Trial

Luís Mendonça (Aviludo / Louletano / Uli) He made the most important 8,4Km of life and put this Saturday, Castelo de Vide, the Yellow Jersey of the 36th Volta ao Alentejo Agricultural Credit.

Time Trial in the hallway of the Algarve team was only ranked fifth but the time difference to the main rivals catapulted him into the lead missing just one day to the end of “alentejana”.

With the stamped happiness in the face, Luís Mendonça repeated several times: "I'm still in the clouds!" and after the podium installed in the heart of Castelo de Vide explained: "I came with all, with guts and with the forces that had and had not. But only tomorrow can celebrate with feet on the ground and say it's my. It was the Time Trial of my life, It was the 8km of my life!" The Algarve starts for the ultimate taken from "Alentejo" with a lead of 8 seconds to Ricardo Mestre (W52 / FC Porto) and 13 for the former leader of the competition, Irish Mark Downey (Team Wiggings).

The victory in see Castle belonged to the Galician Gustavo Veloso (W52 / FC Porto) who spent 13 minutes 29 seconds on the tough and technical route that passed the hermitage of Penha Mrs. being aggravated by the rain and the low temperatures that stood at around 4 ° C at the top of the mountain. Veloso was behind team-mate and sub national champion 23 José Fernandes - spent more 8 the galician seconds - and Oscar Rodriguez (Euskadi Basque Country / Murcias) with the same difference.

Pinto victory, on the morning of step with the Yellow Mendonça lurking

Edgar Pinto (Vito/Feirense/Blackjack) won the arrival in Portalegre in the fourth stage of "Alentejo" which began on Saturday, 17 March, Monforte. Pinto got the first win of the season, a mountainous and hard drawn only 64,2 Km that the man of the New Albergaria decided the crucial stage of the competition, the ascent to the Cabeço do Mouro, six kilometers from the finish. "A few missed 300 meters to the mountain prize followed an already small group and could attack to gain a few meters. Was sufficient advantage to isolate me and get to the center of Portalegre and win!", Edgar Pinto said smiling after giving the first victory to the newly formed team of Santa Maria da Feira.

In the second position, to six seconds, came Luís Mendonça (Aviludo / Louletano / Uli) ahead of a small group which was also the Yellow Jersey Mark Downey (Team Wiggings) who was third. These two corridors are now the best in the overall standings separated by four seconds, margin to be dimmed in the Time Trial stage this afternoon in Castelo de Vide. "I'll be focadíssimo! are 8Km, maybe the 8 Km of my life, and who knows if I can make history and give the Yellow Sweater Aviludo / Louletano ", He expressed in tone ambitious man of the Algarve team.

Ratings steps (Step 4 ratings – 36ª Volta ao Alentejo Agricultural Credit and Step 5 ratings – 36ª Volta ao Alentejo Agricultural Credit)

6Th Stage - 18 March 2018

With more definite classification, the farewells of "Alentejo" make up this Sunday with the 6th and final stage calling Castelo de Vide a Évora within 151,3KM. Border (57,5Km), Estremoz (87,6Km) and Redondo (115,2Km) Steering wheels are the ultimate goals and Sierra D'Ossa (103,9) discusses the final Mountain Award. In the middle of the afternoon, in Praça do Giraldo, where all roads lead in Évora, UNESCO World Heritage Site the winner will be crowned 36ª Volta ao Alentejo Agricultural Credit.

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