Vila Nova de Milfontes: CDS questions the government about schools.

Lack of staff at the Vila Group of Schools Nova de Milfontes, which according to the CDS / PP jeopardizes safety of students, He led the party, a question, putting several issues.

In a question to the Minister of Education, Mrs CDS Ana Rita Bessa wants to know whether the Ministry of Education, working together with the local authority, will increase the number of administrative staff in establishments Village Group of Schools Nova de Milfontes, to allow normal operation, and when and in what number.

Parents and guardians of Vila Nova de Milfontes Group of Schools are concerned about the lack of safety of school children that integrate, due to lack of staff.

The EB1 Milfontes, School group headquarters, has 158 students and has only five employees.

On sick leave situations or shortages, It is made a service reallocation, which often results in a lack of services.

Recently, an employee of EB1 Milfontes was completely alone for all tasks, leaving children without proper supervision.

A EB1 Brunheiras, Peripheral school which is about four kilometers from the grouping headquarters, It has two classes to work with 25 students and only one employee full time, whereas other divides his time between this school and EB1 Galeado – is currently full time in Brunheiras due to sick leave colleague.

A EB1 Galeado, which is about three kilometers from the grouping headquarters, which has two classes to work with 41 students, It has only one employee full time for cleaning and taking care of children in non-academic hours and hours of meal.

The typology of these school buildings, with outdoor spaces around the central building, It makes it impossible for just one employee can supervise all children to ensure their safety.

The Association of Parents and Guardians Village Group of Schools Nova de Milfontes says “can not allow these conditions remain”, fearing that happen “a serious accident”.

The association has already announced that the guardians “They think take drastic measures very soon, They do not admit this lack of conditions”, and threaten “close the doors of the schools until the authorities to resolve this situation as it is your responsibility”.

The lack of administrative staff at the Vila Group of Schools Nova de Milfontes is an untenable situation, affecting workers currently employed, but also students and the entire school community.

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