Vidigueira: Mayor threatened by couple.

Mayor was threatened with death by couple who wanted home. The prosecutor accuses the defendants of seven crimes against the president and woman.

The Mayor of Vidigueira and his wife were the target of threats from a couple who wanted the municipality to provide them with social housing in that village.

The threats occurred both inside the Municipality building, like the door of Rui Raposo's room, in the village of Vila de Frades, which lies near 3 kilometers from the county seat.

The facts occurred in the summer of 2018, after defendants, him 42 years and her 39 year old, have been informed, on social service days, that the Municipality did not have housing to provide to citizens. Even so, the couple returned on days when there was no care, intending to be received by the mayor, what didn't happen.

In the face of these refusals, threats were made, according to the charge order of the public prosecutor (MP) of the Cuban Court to which the Lidador Notícias (LN) We had access, inside the city hall building and in the presence of several employees, the following expressions having been uttered: "I shoot the president", "Mato or president", “I'm going to get the shotgun and kill them all”, "I know where he lives", “I know who his family is”.

Not satisfied with the situation, on a Sunday afternoon, the couple went to Rui Raposo's room, where he met his wife and younger daughter and, after knocking on the door they demanded to speak to the mayor. As they were told that this was not, the defendants, alternatively, to Rui Raposo's wife, repeatedly proclaimed the expression: “Beware that we already know where they live and that they have a daughter”.

In view of these practices, the Prosecutor of the Cuban MP, accused the defendants in practice, in material co-authorship of six aggravated coercion crimes, the attempted form, in the person of the Mayor of Vidigueira and a crime of aggravated threat, in the finished form, in the person of the mayor's wife.

The couple will be tried using a collective court, incurring prison terms of more than five years, awaiting trial at liberty subject to the minimum coercion measure, Identity and Residence Term (TIR).

Teixeira Correia


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