Vidigueira: “More Citizens” presents itself with autarchic objectives.

In a press release, “Mais Cidadãos” publishes a press release where it assumes “the responsibility of changing the municipality” of Vidigueira with a candidacy for the Municipal 2021. Manuel Narra will be the most visible face of the candidacy.

In the document, it is justified that it is a group of citizens who "concerned about the future of our municipality, decided that it is the right time to apply through an independent list", adding that “in due time we will disclose the head of the list”, conclude.

“Mais Cidadãos” guarantees that the political starting point “is different, distinct and transversal, with citizens from the CDU, do PS, do PSD, do BE, do CDS, of Independents and citizens without any party identification ”.

For the group / movement “political parties are important in democratic life but the participation of citizens in decisions that influence the day-to-day life of the municipality is essential, putting his political ideology in the background, but available to build a solution where the development of the municipality of Vidigueira is always what unites us ”, Remata.

Without revealing any name, “Mais Cidadãos” justifies its origin because “we are people who have done it in the past, and assumes to be People who do a path that guarantees all citizens A County with a Future ”, in a clear allusion to Manuel Narra's leadership during 12 years ahead of the municipality of Vidigueira and that in the past day 17 December revealed to Lidador News (LN) that the retired bank, of 56 year old, took on this candidacy for the city on his facebook page when he wrote: “I'm thinking …… yes, it is a strong possibility ”, which immediately generated great expectations among friends, who questioned him about the riddle. At the time Manuel Narra hurried to explain that the phrase expressed the thoughtfulness and willingness to “walk on paths already taken”, in a clear allusion to the return to local authority, adding “let's see what conditions we have in 2021” concluded.

To finish, “Mais Cidadãos” maintains that it intends to be “a space where, regardless of political provenance, assume the responsibility to change our county, through the use of citizenship rights ”, concluding that he intends to “present lists to all Local Authorities (Camera, Municipal Assembly and Parishes)", conclude.

With the appearance of “More Citizens” it is unknown whether this is a sequence of the “Movimento Vidigueira Independente” whose most visible face is Helena de Aguilar, who was elected councilwoman, what had already happened with Manuel Narra.

Yesterday the CDU announced the reapplication of Rui Raposo, in which 2017 was elected to the position of Mayor, replacing Manuel Narra, that you cannot re-apply for being covered by the law on the limitation of mandates.

In the local elections of 2017, the CDU managed 44,66% of the votes and elected two 2 aldermen, the PS reached 35,54% and also 2 elected and the “Vidigueira Independente Movement” obtained 16,67% and 1 city ​​councilor.

From 1976 by Vidigueira City Council, five presidents have passed: Manuel Trindade Reis (3 year old) 1976-1979, Carlos Labego Goes (22) 1979-2001, António Rodrigues Mendonça (4) 2001-2005, Luis Manuel Rosa Narra (12) 2005-2017 and Rui Manuel Serrano Raposo (4) 2017-2021.

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