Vidigueira: Local authority employee assaulted at Ecocentro.

An individual who intended to enter the premises improperly was stopped by an employee, that ended up assaulted. She was taken to the Beja Hospital.

A Vidigueira City Hall employee, highlighted in the Ecocentro of that village, was attacked this Tuesday afternoon, by a Roma individual, who intended to enter those facilities.

The aggression occurred around 18,00 hours, when the aggressor, who intended to enter the site in order to get around the trash, was prevented by the employee from accessing the solid waste collection center. The victim of 42 year old, residing in Vila de frades, married, mother of a son, was taken to the Emergency Department of Hospital José Joaquim Fernandes, in Beja.

The GNR Beja Territorial Command Relations Office confirmed to LN, “The aggression against the worker”, adding that “the perpetrator was identified and a report was prepared to be sent to the court”, justified.

In addition to the GNR at the site were two operational and a vehicle of the Voluntary Firefighters and Vidigueira, who transported the victim to the hospital, where she was observed and had complementary exams, unaware of their state of health.

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