Vidigueira: Couple who threatened mayor begins trial today.

Mayor of Vidigueira and his wife were the target of coercion and threats by a couple who are starting to stand trial in the Beja Court today.

It begins today at the Court of Beja, o julgamento de um casal acusado da prática, in material co-authorship of six aggravated coercion crimes, the attempted form, in the person of the Mayor of Vidigueira and a crime of aggravated threat, in the finished form, in the person of the mayor's wife.

The facts occurred in the summer of 2018, after defendants, him 42 years and her 39 year old, terem sido informados de que o Município não dispunha de habitações para ceder a munícipes.

Rui Raposo e a sua mulher foram alvo de ameaças por parte do casal que ocorreram tanto no interior do edifício do Município, like the door of Rui Raposo's room, in the village of Vila de Frades, which lies near 3 kilometers from the county seat.

No interior do edifício camarário e na presença de diversos funcionários, foram proferidas expressões como: "I shoot the president", "Mato or president", “I'm going to get the shotgun and kill them all”, "I know where he lives", “I know who his family is”.

Not satisfied with the situation, on a Sunday afternoon, the couple went to Rui Raposo's room, where he met his wife and younger daughter and, after knocking on the door they demanded to speak to the mayor. Como lhes foi dito que aquele não estava, the defendants, proclamaram de forma repetida à mulher de Rui Raposo a expressão: “Beware that we already know where they live and that they have a daughter”.

The couple will be tried using a collective court, presidido pelo Juiz VĂ­tor Maneta, incurring prison terms of more than five years.

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