V.N.Milfontes/ Odemira: Four arrested for drug trafficking. Three in custody.

Odemira court ordered preventive detention for three suspected drug traffickers, held in Vila Nova de Milfontes. The room has biweekly presentations.

GNR arrested four men aged between 44 and 58 year old, three of whom are residents of Vila Nova de Milfontes, county of Odemira, and the room with residence in Lisbon, aged between 44 and 58 year old.

Cerca the 22,00 hours yesterday, the Odemira Court ordered the pre-trial detention of three of the four suspected drug traffickers, having been taken to the Beja Prison, while another of the individuals, already registered for the same type of crime, was subject to biweekly presentations at the GNR post in the area of ​​residence.

The Lidador News (LN) found that the individual who supplied the drug was detained a few years ago and served a prison sentence, after being detained in a similar operation in another coastal location in the municipality of Odemira.

According to a statement issued by the Beja Territorial Command (CTBeja) da GNR, the arrests were made on Thursday by military personnel from the Criminal Investigation Center of Odemira, following an investigation into drug trafficking, that had been going on for about a year.

Two of the suspected detainees were caught “in the act” while driving in their vehicles to effect the “distribution of drugs”, having is immediately detained. Subsequently, GNR complied with three home search warrants, at the residences of the suspects residing in Vila Nova de Milfontes and two arrest warrants, that would lead to the arrest of two more suspects.

CTBeja reveals in the statement issued that they were apprehended 537 doses of cocaine, 335 doses of hashish, 134 doses and three cannabis seeds, four light vehicles, seven cell phones, two precision scales and material used for storing and packaging the narcotic product. The four suspects were apprehended 4.350 euros in cash, in notes 5, 10, 20, 50 and some of 100 euros.

Given the danger of the operation, this had the reinforcement of the Public Order Intervention Group of the GNR Intervention Unit, force that believes dealt a heavy blow to drug trafficking in the Alentejo Coast area.

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