Court: “Love scammer” in custody.

Paulo Alexandre Santos, of 55 year old, former command and member of the French Legion, known as “Love Scammer”, this Wednesday was subject to preventive detention by the Court of Beja.

The defendant then goes to the domicile with an electronic bracelet when conditions are met at the mother's home in Estoril.

The “Love Scammer”, that this Wednesday was present to the Court of Beja, is accused of domestic violence, qualified scam, abuse of trust, possession of a prohibited weapon and minor trafficking (nine grams of cocaine).

The suspect led to deception, at least, three women, who will have lost property and been raped. One of them was a French woman, who will have lived with him between September 2017 and May 2018. It was with this, also, with whom the suspect will have come to play the game of “Russian roulette” – with a bullet only in the barrel of a pistol. Rest, will have been this woman's complaint, at the GNR post in Mértola, to trigger the investigation of the case, first just for domestic violence, which would later transition to the PJ.

Paulo Alexandre Santos, who will have been in Angola at the service of the French Legion, he spent a lot of time with women on mount José das Neves, in Santana de Cambas, Mértola, acquired by the French citizen. On Monday, was arrested there, in an operation called “Imperfect loves”, which included searches, also, in a parent's house in Estoril. Two firearms were seized, cold steel, three fake driving licenses, three vehicles (two of them with high capacity), and a high amount of money.

Teixeira Correia


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