(Last Time) Serpa: Firefighter hit by autotanque during fire fighting.

Fire hit during fire fighting in Santa Iria (Serpa). Operating belongs to Fire Department of the city and has undergone surgery.

An operating Permanent Intervention Team of Volunteers Firefighters Serpa was Wednesday subjected to surgery to the lower limbs after being hit by a corporation autotanque, while fighting a devastating fire that broke out in the morning in the village of Santa Iria, about what 10 kilometers Serpa.

Jorge Horta (na photos the first from left to right, baleen), fireman 1st class, He was admitted to the hospital at about Beja 13.40 hours, Two hours after being involved in fighting the flames. For reasons not cleared, the fireman did not realize the vehicle maneuver and was trampled by the wheeled vehicle.

After observed in ER (HIS), orthopedics team of Beja Hospital decided by surgical intervention which began shortly after 19 hours.

Two other operations were transported to the US in the same hospital, by inhalation of smoke. One of 27 year old, the ravines of Fire was received about the 16 hours and two hours later another, of 20 year old, the corporation Serpa.

Agricultural fire, who has finished bush and mounted, flared at approximately 11.10 hours and was contained by 82 supported by operating 25 Car eleven FEB corporations Funcheira (Ourique) e GIPS GNR de Moura, and walking two air means.

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