(Last hour) Beja: Found along IP2 body of the missing German inventor in Setubal.

It was found next to the IP2, the body of the missing German inventor in Setubal on 4 Feb.. Body will have been left in place a few hours ago.

It was found on the morning of Thursday, a corpo Osama Demaschquie, a German citizen, of 82 year old, resident of the Valley of Rasca, Setúbal, who was reported missing since last day 4 Feb., near where the local GNR had detected your car. The disappearance was only reported to the authorities three days later.

The Seat Ibiza Osama was abandoned with the windows open and several belongings inside, without the keys in the ignition and, found twenty days later, near the Mount of Alfaiatas, parish of St. Matthias, county Beja. The car was atascada a rural way of a private property, whose access is by a dirt road, parallel to the IP2.

The body was located at about 12,00 hours Thursday, the tractor driver of the Mount of Alfaiatas about 200 meters from where the car had been found by the GNR of Beja in the afternoon 24 February and which was screened by the binomial cinotécnicos Cinotécnico Intervention Group, not having detected any sign of Osama Demaschquie.

After the military communication of Detachment of the GNR Beja moved to the site and confirmed by the photographs they had in their possession, it was the missing German, having immediately fired the picket of Setúbal Judicial Police responsible for investigating.

The body was found, next to IP output node 2 for Estrada Municipal 1010, linking of Life Brothers, county Vidigueira, given the location and state of the body, leading authorities to suspect that it was left there for a few hours, since it was beaten in the local searches and where nothing has been found.

It is recalled that after the car was found GNR involved more than a dozen soldiers from the Territorial Detachment of Beja and four binomials of Cinotécnico Intervention Group, having done searches in several hectares of existing olive groves in the area, having contacted several workers of farms, who had not seen the German citizen.

The individual will have tried desatascar the vehicle using one foot mats of the same, but could not, having abandoned even leaving the windows open and several belongings inside. Car keys were not in the ignition. The latest mobile phone signal, It was activated by a localized antenna in Trinidad, village located about 17 kilometers south of Beja.

Demaschquie Osama lived in the Setubal area for several years, having no family in Portugal, only one brother who has long been living in Dubai. In inspectors height of the Judicial Police (PJ) Setubal, They were on site inspecting the vehicle, but they did not find any significant signal that could reach the man.

Searches were closed 24 hours later and the vehicle removed to Osama Demaschquie PJ Setubal which was subjected to examinations.

Osama Demaschquie an inventor

In 20 December 1983, registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with the number 4421538, Patent recorded by Promotion Eglasstrek & Awarding GmbH, patent a device for manufacturing glass filaments.

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