Beja: Collision in the Industrial Park causes two serious injuries.

A collision between two passenger vehicles, occurred this Friday morning, on one of the streets of the Beja Industrial Park, caused serious injuries to the drivers of the two vehicles, who traveled alone.

The collision occurred around 10,31 hours, on Rua A, of that infrastructure when a gray Seat Ibiza, led by a man, of 24 years resident in Mina da Juliana / Santa Vitória, county Beja, the artery descended and a BMW van got out of a cross, who had a woman behind the wheel, of 43 years old and resident in Beja, ending up colliding head-on, having one of the vehicles hit a third that was parked on top of a sidewalk.

Due to improper parking, both on the sidewalk and on the carriageway of several vehicles, among them a heavy goods, the driver of the van would have had to go further on the road to be able to see if there were any vehicles driving in the same, then the clash took place.

The driver of the gray vehicle left the vehicle by his own foot, subsequently lying on the ground and being rescued by firefighters, while the woman was incarcerated and removed by the operational staff of the Beja Fire Department.

The two injured were transported to the Emergency Department of the José Joaquim Fernandes Hospital, where they are under observation, the extent of the injuries suffered is not yet known.

They were in place 10 operational and 4 vehicles of the Beja Volunteer Firefighters and 10 PSP agents with 3 automobiles and two motorbikes.

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