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A study conducted by Self Financial indicates that Apple TV + is the streaming service with the best quality content on the market.

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The analysis was based on IMDB data to compare the content ratings available on Apple TV +, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu. curiously, Apple TV + is the service with less content to choose from when compared to rivals.

“As a newer service, Apple chose to pursue quality as the main differentiator. This makes sense with respect to other Apple products with a focus on premium quality ”, points out industry analyst Jeanette DePatie according to 9t5mac.

A Covid-19 pandemic seems to have been beneficial for Twitch, since the platform owned by Amazon saw a doubling in 2021 the number of hours spent there.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that more hours were spent at home enjoying streaming services and, between them, Twitch seems to have been one of the biggest beneficiaries. According to the Streamlabs report, the number of hours spent on Twitter more than doubled compared to 2020.

In the first quarter of 2020 viewing hours on Twitch were 3.1 billion hours, with the number of these first three months of 2021 increasing up to 6.4 billion hours.

The report also indicates that the “Just Chatting” category was the most popular of Twitch for two consecutive quarters, representing 12% of all the content seen on the platform.

Common sense tells us what addiction behaviors are harmful to the study a study conducted by Serbian Universities, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia identified a positive relationship between school success and the act of playing.

The conclusion is clear: the best students tend to devote more time to video games.

These were the relevant points of the conclusions: playing video games can be beneficial for the best students; excellent students play more time, more continue to throw high notes; the winning approach of the best students is “plays a lot, study a lot”, video games can act as a self-reward scheme, games can have an influence on social opportunities and problem-solving skills.

Now a joke with which you can transform a photograph into a hand drawing using artificial intelligence.

Or at least that is the proposal of the Image to Sketch website, another online image editing tool, which in this case only has the objective of creating sketches and drawings of photographs, and everything is as simple as dropping photos in the designated area. It's the result, generated after a few seconds, it is quite interesting and free, being possible to download the respective images.

The website uses artificial intelligence to analyze the photographs and convert them to sketches in a few seconds. The authors refer that all photographs submitted in the system are removed immediately after being transformed, ensuring security and privacy, in addition to not being used for purposes other than transformation.

When generating an image, Image to Sketch offers different proposals, with different drawing techniques. And you can even separate a person from a group photo. Try and surprise a family member or friend.

This is the link:

To finish, a brief final note about… cinema!

It is now more for the rooms to open. According to the deconfinition plan drawn up by the Government, it is already the 19 April that the rooms may open again. Just wait a little longer… and expect things to go back to how they were (or close to it)!

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