Telechronics (Opinion / Ademar Days): Elon Musk já “has arrived” a Portugal, but there are more news.

A SpaceX, of Tesla businessman and president Elon Musk, created the company Space Exploration Technologies Portugal – SXPT to provide satellite Internet in the Portuguese market by the end of June, according to Anacom regulator.

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The company will be able to provide Internet access to 50 thousand users in Portugal and expects to reach 16 thousand by the end of the year.

The National Communications Authority (Anacom) account of a meeting at which “it was transmitted that the coverage of the entire national territory was recently completed by the network of satellites already placed in orbit by SpaceX and which intend to initiate, by the end of June, to the commercialization in Portugal of its broadband Internet access services via satellite”.

SpaceX created “in our country the company Space Exploration Technologies Portugal - SXPT”, having informed that “will be able to provide internet access to 50 thousand users in Portugal, anticipating reaching the 16 thousand users by the end of 2021”.

YouTube has been taking measures to protect internet users who visit the platform.

From 2018, when he presented his first report on the application of community rules, more than 83 millions of videos and 7 billion comments for violating platform policies.

Now, the Google platform explains that, due to investments in machine learning technologies, is able to automatically detect 94% of content that violates your rules.

YouTube advances even though 75% of the videos are removed before they reach the mark of the 10 views.

A new study carried out by researchers from British universities in Plymouth and Wolverhampton concluded that loot boxes are “structurally and psychologically similar to gambling.”

The news was advanced by the BBC, which cites a commissioned survey by GambleAware, solidarity organization that helps those who suffer from gambling addiction.

The study highlighted that, of 93% of children playing video games, to 40% abriram loot boxes. On the other hand, about 5% of players make up half of all billing for loot boxes. More… 12 of 13 studies on this topic have established unmistakable links to gambling addiction behaviors. The study also revealed that young people are the ones who use loot boxes the most, with the increase in use correlated with young age and less education.

It is with great expectation that Pocket, a kind of ‘successor’ to the Game Boy, is awaited by the gamer community, namely by those who grew up with the historic Nintendo handheld system.

Unfortunately, Analogue announced that the Pocket launch was, again, postponed. Previously scheduled for May, the launch is now scheduled for October 2021.

This time Analogue justifies the decision with the problems of supplying electronic components, which are currently affecting the entire industry.

The Loudwire website made, during the month of March, a “tournament” to find out which is the best rock band of all time. Readers were asked to vote and the big winners were Led Zeppelin, having faced, at the final, the Metallica.

At first, They were 32 bands, among which were the AC / DC, Nirvana, System of a Down, Slipknot, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, Beastie Boys, Papa Roach ou Foo Fighters.

The semifinals of the tournament brought together AC / DC and Metallica, on the one hand, and the Guns N’ Roses and the Led Zeppelin, for another. no end, the Zeppelin came out winners, but not by a wide margin: 52% of votes against 48% achieved by Metallica.

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