Serpa: Pre-trial detention for a couple caught with 11 a thousand doses of narcotics.

Resident couple in Aljustrel, who returns with enough drugs from Spain to 11 thousand individual doses, detained and in custody.

the Portuguese couple was in preventive detention, a man of 37 years and wife 25 year old, resident in Aljustrel, arrested last day 27 April, Serpa, when he was returning from Spain with a load of hash and liamba, enough for 11 thousand individual doses.

Not within the scope of various investigative actions on the trafficking of narcotic products in the land border area with Spain, members of the Criminal Information and Investigation Section (SIIC) do Comando Territorial de Beja da GNR, approached the couple in a light vehicle, who showed suspicious behavior.

Car search done, that would later be apprehended, were found 8.930 doses of hashish, 2.740 doses of cannabis, 715 euros in cash and two mobile phones.

The couple was present at the first interrogation at the Court of Serpa, having been prevented from being held in custody. The man collected the Prison (EP) from Beja and the woman to the Odemira EP, for the female population.

Teixeira Correia


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