Serpa: GNR detained two individuals for drug trafficking.

Seized in Serpa 263 doses of various narcotics, 475 euros in cash and a counterfeit note to two individuals of 23 and 24 year old. They were free with periodic presentations.

The Territorial Command Beja, through the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) Moura, arrested on Monday, two men from 23 and 24 years for drug trafficking, in the municipality of Serpa, an action counted on the reinforcement of the Serpa Territorial Post.

In the course of a patrolling action, the Guard military approached two men inside a vehicle, in a local referenced for drug use and trafficking. In the course of the action, individuals showed nervous behavior, trying to leave the place, having been intercepted.

After conducting a search of the vehicle and searching the suspects, narcotic product in your possession was detected, having seized the following material: 238 doses of heroin, 22 doses of cocaine, 3 doses of hashish, 475 euro cash, a note of 50 counterfeit euros and three mobile phones.

The detainees were present yesterday, day 2 March, to the Judicial Court of Serpa, having been subject to the coercive measure of periodic presentations at the police station in their area of ​​residence.

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