Serpa: Online Cheese Fair, lasts four days.

The Alentejo Cheese Fair 2021 be done this year online, because of the pandemic, maintaining the purpose of promoting this much appreciated local product.

In 2020, the Alentejo Cheese Fair, promoted by the municipality of Serpa (district of Beja) in partnership with an organizing committee, had more than 100 Exhibitors, most cheese producers, but also crafts, stands and animation.

This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event takes place exclusively online, and still for three days - from 26 a 28 Feb..

The full program is available on the website of the municipality of Serpa, who considers the fair “a highlight” of promoting Serpa Cheese, product certified with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), similar to Serra da Estrela Cheese.

The certification of Serpa cheese motivates, justly, the conference “Queijo Serpa DOP - 34 years of certification ”, on the first day schedule, 26 Feb..

According to information published by the municipality, during the 20th Alentejo Cheese Fair, the new platform will be presented, dedicated to digital commerce. It is a tool that will be available to businessmen in the municipality “during the month of March, in order to promote their products and stores, sell products and increase demand, contributing to boost business ”.

Under normal conditions, the fair takes place at the Serpa Fair and Exhibition Park, where it is common to be present at the fair not only Portuguese producers, from different parts of the country, but also Spanish and it usually attracts many visitors, since in addition to cheese producers and handicrafts, it organizes concerts and has free entry.

Teixeira Correia


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