Serpa: Football club UNION SERPENSE Sport Club. new club, different project.

"River Boys" ball good grow in Serpa. Project "Union", He was born in Rio de Janeiro and back young prospects to "showcase" European.

The Serpense Union was established in July of this year, to give body to a project that develops Ademilson Brito in Brazil called "Union" and comes from friendship with Alfredo Master. The first, besides coach is the manager of the club, and the second President.

At the beginning of the year, Ademilson and some of the players have been linked to a Algarve club and things did not go as planned and Serpa opportunity, It became a reality. First there was still a contact with the main club in town, the F.C.Serpa (FCS), but there was no agreement.

"I met Ademilson and talk about the project pleased me and we decided to proceed. We want to go up division to well think of other flights. The important thing is to make the club a 'showcase' of young talent. There is no rivalry with FCS ", says Alfredo Master.

All players are coming from Rio de Janeiro, with most dual nationality. Serpa reached in late August and from there went to train and play. Everyone feels welcome, safe and quiet.

"The boys are happy. Everyone has treated us very well, since the population to local authorities "justifies Ademilson Brito, who brought his wife to the "White City".

Paulo Andre, a young goalkeeper 22 year old, hanging around the 1,70 meters high, It states that "the town is small, allowing us to focus on the important, the work", ends.

The club rented a huge houses, they live all players and hired an employee who comes to the kitchen, clothing players and games. But, the Union went further and purchased a van and mini bus.

In Serpa it is said that from behind the project is the former striker of Penafiel and now Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa, but nobody confirms. Sweatshirts can be seen that the sponsor is a Brazilian sports advisory firm, which ensures the representation of players.

The team trains five days a week, three training morning and afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and a training afternoon on Wednesday and Friday.

Practices and games are held in the city's sports complex, which was provided by the local authority. Ademilson is grateful: "I have been extraordinary, until you Baiao (responsible for the enclosure) It is another element of the team ", ends.

The Serpense Union disputes the District Championship of the 2nd Division of Beja Football Association (AFB) and has aroused the interest of the regional football lovers.

Between preparation games and associative official competitions, the Union played nine games, He won seven, which joins a tie and a defeat, with pretty sum of 28 goals scored and 5 suffered, these in only 3 games.

Last Saturday the Serpense Union began, what everyone at the club believe is the "race for the title and the ascent", with a home rout of 5-1 the CCD Conceição Neighborhood (Beja). "The boys played as hell", Ademilson shot late in the game.


John Wanderley (Team Captain, 22 year old)

He began to 13 years at Fluminense Last played in A.D. "The Limianos", no Championship Portugal. She joined the Union because he believes that "we can create a great project for the future and hence make the leap to a huge size club. We all believe in it and we are committed ", brings out.

Identity card

Foundation: 05/07/2019, Local games: Municipal Complex Manuel Baião, Serpa, partners: There is not, Honours: Winner of the C Series of Honor Cup 2nd Division A.F.Beja (2019/2020). Defeated in the semi-finals of the Final Four in the same competition for Beira Serra Naverredondense. Dispute for the first time the District Championship of the 2nd Division of A.F.Beja, integrating the Series A (2019/2020).


Founded 4 months: The club was founded to receive project in Brazil also called Union and aims to bring Serpa young Brazilian talent, in order to make them reach the big clubs in Europe.

"Montra Sub23": Only three of the players have no age Sub23, They are scheduled games with the teams level. Last Saturday, the Union played with Sporting in Alcochete and tied 1-1. On 16 November plays in Vila das Aves, at the end of the year have games in Dubai and 15 January, Beja faces Borussia Dortmund.


Guarda-redes: Paulo Andre, defenses: Bruno Brito, Vinicius Brito, Dudu Eduardo, Gabriel White, Mayron Veiga and Iago Borges, average: Israel Carvalho, Sandro Napier, Guido Carvalho, John Wanderley, Max Torres, Rodrigo Lima, Lucas da Silva and Gaius Vale and advanced: James Cajueiro, Giovanni Assis and Joao Cardoso.

Technical team: Ademilson Brito and Fernando Monteiro (treinadores), President: Alfredo Master, General secretary: Fabio Arrais, sports director: Ricardo Reis and Physiotherapist: Diogo Brito.

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