Highway: IP launches contests for requalification of IP8.

Portugal's Infrastructure (IP) launched tenders for projects to improve circulation conditions at IP8.

Infrastructures of Portugal published two tenders in Diário da República for the elaboration of Execution Projects for rehabilitation and reinforcement of circulation and safety conditions in two sections of the IP8.

The stretches subject to improvement are continuous and total an extension of about 33 kilometers;

Section in the municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo, with an extension of about 15 kilometers, between the end of the A26, in Santa Margarida do Sado, and the roundabout for access to ER2.

Section with 18 kilometers long, between the roundabout with the ER2 and the São Brissos roundabout.

The projects to be developed, within 270 days, also provide for the construction of two alternative roads to urban crossing. The Figueira de Cavaleiros variant and the aubergine variant.

Public tenders for contracting the Projects are now in the process of receiving proposals.

IP8-A26 / Roundabout with ER2- Including the Figueira da Cavaleiros variant.

The project to be developed aims to improve conditions of mobility and security in the IP8 between Santa Margarida do Sado (after the bridge over the river Sado) and Ferreira do Alentejo in the roundabout area with the ER2. For this purpose, a structural improvement of the road will be carried out, including urban crossings. The study also includes, the conception of a variant of Figueira dos Cavaleiros, with a 2X2 profile and the creation of uneven restoration paths.

IP8-A26 / Rotunda ER2 and the Rotunda de São Brissos- Including aubergine variant.

The project to be contracted aims to reinforce mobility and security conditions at IP8 between Ferreira do Alentejo, in the roundabout area with the ER2, and the São Brissos Roundabout, in Beja county (before the roundabout with the IP2). The structural improvement of the existing road will be carried out, including in urban crossing areas. The study also includes the construction of a Beringel variant, with a 2X2 profile, and uneven roadways.

Construction of the A26

A A26, on the route planned for IP8, that should connect Sines to Beja, It began to be built in 2010 and it was stopped a year later.

Within the scope of the renegotiation of the concession,, in 2015, the works of the Sines / Relvas Verdes and Node de Grândola Sul A2 / Santa Margarida do Sado sections, both are already in service.

How the construction of the stretches between Santa Margarida do Sado and Beja was canceled , IP8 requalifications linking Sines to Vila Verde de Ficalho will be carried out.

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