PSD: Beja District without approved municipal candidates.

Of 23 new candidates for municipal elections presented by PSD, there is no candidate from the district of Beja. Nuno Palma Ferro (Beja), António Sebastião (Almodovar) and Gonçalo Valente (Ourique), are “candidate candidates”.

The PSD National Municipal Coordination presented the names of new candidates in municipalities where the PSD does not have the presidency of the chamber, the Beja district did not include any names of those already approved.

Second José Silvano, secretary-general and responsible for the National Municipal Coordination, the PSD “does not do without deciding which are the bets with more chances of winning cameras”, admitting that "there are dissonant choices" with local party structures, “Guaranteeing” that the National Directorate “will assume” the electoral results.

In view of the PSD communication, the three most spoken names in the region, Nuno Palma Ferro (Beja), António Sebastião (Almodovar) and Gonçalo Valente (Ourique) don't pass, For now, of: "Candidates for candidates", “Facebook candidates” or “candidates for would-be opinion makers”.

In the district of Beja since 2013, when António Sebastião ended his third term in Almodôvar, that the PSD does not have any Chamber presidency. Between 2001 and 2005, the party had the presidencies of the Chambers of Almodôvar and Ourique, with António Sebastião and José Raul dos Santos, respectively.

In local authority of 2017, the PSD ran alone or in coalition in thirteen of the fourteen municipalities in the district, having not submitted any candidacy in Vidigueira. PSD-only lists: Almodovar (António Sebastião), Alvito (Luís Ferro), Beja (Pinela Fernandes), Mértola (David Encarnação), Moura (Joao Francisco Guerreiro), Odemira (Luís Freitas) and Ourique (António Afonso). PSD / CDS coalition: Aljustrel (Marta Ferro Mello), Castro Verde (Look Herlander), Ferreira do Alentejo (José Pereira) and Serpa (António Bettencourt). Coalition CDS / PSD: Canyons (Delilah War) e Cuba (Peter in January).

With 100 candidates presented yesterday and the previous two, the only reference to the district of Beja in 102 names presented is that of Carlos Moedas, the bejense who is a candidate for the Lisbon Chamber.

Teixeira Correia


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