PS: Baixo Alentejo Federation organizes “Municipal Training 2021”.

The Federation of the PS of Baixo Alentejo, through its Strategic Council, will develop the initiative “Municipal Training 2021”, on 24 April 2021, by 14:30, on the Zoom digital platform.

this initiative, with the participation of several trainers with experience in organizing election campaigns at national and local level, involves all the municipal structures of the PS of Baixo Alentejo and aims to deepen the exchange of knowledge between militants on important matters in terms of the preparation of an electoral campaign, such as the management of the electoral process, campaign financing, strategic planning and electoral program, planning and organizing the election campaign and communication strategies.

There will also be an opening session organized by the President of the Federation, Nelson Brito, by the president of Socialist Youth, Luis Martins, and by the national autarchic coordinator of the PS, Congresswoman Maria da Luz Rosinha.

The closing session, which will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the national PS and on the Facebook of the federation, will be in charge of the president of the Socialist Women of Baixo Alentejo, Laura Fernandes, Nelson Brito and the Deputy Secretary-General of the PS, José Luis Carneiro.

The realization of this initiative, on the eve of the day 25 April, it also seeks to mark the day of freedom, by demonstrating the dynamism of the PS in Baixo Alentejo, as the most important party for the implementation and consolidation of democracy in our country and the greatest political force in the region.

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