Ovibeja: "Marcelo Costa and returned stability to the country", Ana Catarina Mendes defended.

Socialists Ana Catarina Mendes, Deputy Secretary General and Pedro Marques, former minister and head of list to the European Elections, visited this afternoon Ovibeja. "I feel in good conscience in all investments that might advance the region, By my decision and I joined Government”, said ex.ministro Planning and Infrastructure.

"The appreciation I do the President's mandate exercise is very positive," said this afternoon Ana Catarina Mendes, in Beja, on the sidelines of the visit to Ovibeja, considering that "want António Costa, as Prime Minister, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, as President of the Republic, It has returned stability to the country ", situation that the Assistant Secretary General of the Socialist Party (PS) It considered that this stability "gives people confidence to believe in institutions, particularly in Parliament and the Government ", finished.

The accompanying two PS number was Pedro Marques, former Minister of Planning and Infrastructure and, list head "Pink Party" to the European Elections 26 next May, Figure hotly contested in recent times in the district of Beja, given the decision to exclude the Beja airport of any possibility of an alternative to the airport Humberto Delgado, on behalf of the Air Base of Montijo.

When he asked what he could do for the region in Brussels, Pedro Marques spoke of the importance of agriculture and "the continuation of a program of Irrigation, because Alqueva was forgotten by the previous Government and the Minister Asuncion Ridges, as the most 50 hectares of irrigated ", also stressing the need to "work to implement the largest forest reform for many years in Portugal", justified.

As to the last poll that leaves the PS and PSD equal, the socialist candidate, He maintained that one of the major combat "is abstention. You have to get people to vote ", adding that "we want to do in Europe what we did well in Portugal. We created 350 thousand jobs, We started 180 thousand poverty and we have the right accounts ", arguing that it washes the PS is ahead in all polls.

Asked by the constant demands of the CDS and Assumption ridges so that the Portuguese penalize the PS in the upcoming elections, the centrist leader if he should resign if this does not succeed "this should be asked to the leader of CDS. I think that the Portuguese should give a vote of confidence to those who secured employment, He took us from poverty and set the accounts. We need governments to make the management of Community funds and they do not lose 20 million, as did the Government PSD / CDS ", finished.

"I feel in good conscience in all investments that might advance the region, By my decision and I joined Government. Electrify the railway line and bring the IP8 until Beja, are decisions I made as a minister ", Pedro Marques said in response to the many criticisms that emerged in social networks, for citizens of the region, today appeared in Ovibeja to say out loud what they thought the former Minister of Planning and Infrastructure.

Teixeira Correia


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