Ourique: Already are 38 those infected with an outbreak in the Santa Luzia home.

The number of infected people associated with the covid-19 outbreak identified in the home of the village of Santa Luzia, in the Alentejo municipality of Ourique, rose to 38.

Tests on close contacts of infected employees at Lar de Santa Luzia, property of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique, no Beja district, allowed to identify more 10 positive cases, raising for 38 the total number of confirmed infections, told the Lusa agency the mayor of the municipality.

According to mayor Marcelo Guerreiro, between 38 confirmed infection cases, There 14 users, 13 employees and 11 close contacts of infected household employees, including a baby.

A user of 85 year old, which was the first positive case confirmed at Lar de Santa Luzia, is admitted to the hospital in Beja, and the remaining 37 infected are in quarantine and being monitored by health authorities.

Marcelo Guerreiro indicated that it is still missing to know the results of some of the tests done on contacts close to the infected employees of the Lar de Santa Luzia and today the employees of the Creche da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique are being tested, where was the infected baby.

Also today, the employees of Lar de Ourique da Santa Casa da Misericórdia are being tested.

The first positive case of covid-19 at Lar de Santa Luzia, the elderly 85 year old, had been detected on Sunday, after a test performed by the user at the hospital in Beja, because “an emergency hospital episode”.

After the first case was detected, tests for covid-19 were carried out on Tuesday 16 users and 24 home employees, taking 26 given positive results, raising for 27 the number of infected.

According to Marcelo Guerreiro, of 40 tests done on Tuesday, 26 had positive results (13 users and 13 officials), ten negatives (one user and nine employees) and four inconclusive (two users and two employees).

The only user with a negative test result was removed on Wednesday to a house in the municipality and the two users and two employees with inconclusive results remain in the home while waiting for the results of second tests..

On Thursday, the baby's infection was confirmed, who is the son of an infected employee at Lar de Santa Luzia and will do 11 months on monday, the provider of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique told Lusa, José Raul dos Santos.

According to the provider, the baby was with eight more children in the only one of the two nursery nursery rooms in operation and which was closed on Thursday, having all the babies and space workers gone home.

The Câmara de Ourique hired a team of 12 home helpers to replace infected employees and provide services and care to users who are at Lar de Santa Luzia.

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