Opinion (Teixeira Correia): Mr. General and the “15 pygmies”.

I consider a commander, whatever it is, meet or meet with your followers and do not have the humility to greet them. So Mr. General stops being a commander and becomes a commander.

Out of respect for Carlos Carvalho's memory, the operational of the Cuban Fire Department, buried last Saturday and his family, I didn't write anything about a situation that I noticed and that I don't want and I won't let go of.

In the article published on Sunday in Lidador Notícias, I wrote in title: “Silent revolt” in Vila Alva at the funeral of Carlos Carvalho. However, in its content I made no mention of what I realized early on: the lord general, National Operational Commander of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), did not greet the commanders of the fifteen corporations in the district of Beja present at the ceremony.

Properly attired in the gray uniform Nº.1 and with his beautiful green cap, greeted with military continence, first the Minister of Internal Administration and then the President of the Republic, everything within the RDM.

With 30 years of military career, the commander of Civil Protection who is command, parachutist and ranger, all troops of Portuguese elites and the best in the world, knows better than anyone that it is not by “defeating” his subordinates that command and discipline is exercised, This is how you stop being a commander and become a client.

Distancing was noticeable, malaise and I will even say the very inconvenience, rank in district fire department commanders. In the wake they were under the leafy tree next to the mortuary, in the procession followed together, in the cemetery "made a point" to stand in front of the corporate standard bearers in places where the commander could see them and after the funeral, said goodbye to each other at the cemetery door. It was sad to realize, but even more sad was seeing.

But why, the reader will ask ?

Because the commanders of the Fire Departments of the District of Beja, made known to the Portuguese Firefighters League (LPB) of their displeasure for not having been mobilized for fire in the past day 6 July, in the municipality of Silves, more specifically in São Marcos da Serra. The League demanded explanations from the ANEPC that was not to the liking of Mr. General.

Nearly three hundred operatives from various districts were mobilized to fight the fire and no Fire Department was mobilized. (CB) of Beja District.

In the document that LPB sent the Civil Protection, made it known that “it is not perceived and much less accepted the lack of institutional cooperation of the national operational commander of ANEPC, not realizing the option of not having mobilized resources from the District of Beja, given what was available ”, concluded.

And since Mr. General did not like to be confronted, did not greet the “15 pygmies”.

Teixeira Correia


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