Odemira: GNR UCC apprehends 154 cannabis plants.

The Unit Coastal Control (High), through Coastal Control Detachment (DCC) from Sines, yesterday, day 6 August, detained a man 38 years for drug trafficking, in São Teotónio, in Odemira.

Following a complaint, the Guard military found that the suspect was the owner and producer of a cannabis, having been arrested in flagrante delicto when he was treating the plants. During the investigation, the following material was apprehended:

· 154 plants of cannabis;

· 4 600 leaf doses and sum of cannabis;

· 948 cannabis seeds;

· Four LSD seals;

· Two LSD gums;

· Five bottles of fertilizer.

The value of the seizure is estimated to exceed 122 600 euros.

The detainee was constituted accused and will be present at the first judicial interrogation at the Judicial Court of Odemira during today.

The action was reinforced by the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) Odemira.

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