Odemira: Medronho produced in the county awarded nationally.

Junior Jacques, arbutus producer from Odemira, wins Best of the Best and Gold Medal.

The Aguardente de Medronho “Medronho Original” by JĂșnior Jacques, produced by the Alma OrgĂąnica Unipessoal distillery, in Odemira, won the Best of the Best and the Gold Medal in the 5th National Non-Wine Spirits Competition 2020/2021.

“This award is the result of a lot of work and a great desire to always do better. Thanks to everyone who has accompanied us over the years, our employees, partners, friends and especially our customers, those who seek quality and value difference ”are the company's words on social media.

The 5th National Competition of Traditional Portuguese Non-Wine Spirits took place on the day 20 October, at the National Exhibition Center, in Santarém, and was carried out jointly with Qualifica / oriGIn Portugal, who took the respective direction.

The Junior Jacques Distillers distillery is located near the village of S. Miguel, in the neighborhood S. Teotonio. It is a project aimed at the production of high quality distillates, developed and created in 2015 by Afonso Pereira and Marieke Devillé. After several years working in the hotel and community development sectors in Africa and Latin America, the couple decided to settle in the municipality of Odemira and dedicate themselves to the production of arbutus brandy.

The name Jacques JĂșnior is a tribute to grandparents, Albano Pereira JĂșnior and Jacques Joaquim Guedes, from whom they inherited the “taste for the art of alchemy and, for another, the taste for the art of well-being, of companionship and friendship ”, who claim to be the “fundamental foundations of JĂșnior Jacques. These are the essential qualities and values ​​present in each and every one of our bottles. ”

This distillery is one of the projects supported by the Municipal Entrepreneurship and Employment Program, Odemira Empreende.

The Municipality of Odemira created the Municipal Medronho Distilleries Enhancement Program which aims to legalize, valuation and commercialization of this endogenous product from Odemira, having within the scope of this program supported so far 59 projects in this area.

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