Odemira: Armed gang assaulted two establishments in just over 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes, using a weapon, the group robbed two catering establishments in the municipality of Odemira. They took money and cell phones. The PJ investigates the thefts.

A group of three armed individuals robbed Tuesday night, two catering establishments in the municipality of Odemira, where they took about 1.400 euros in cash and a mobile phone worth 1.200 euros. Inspectors from the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão of the PJ are investigating the thefts.

In both rounds the gang used the same modus-operandi. One of the elements is in the car, two came in and asked the employee for something to eat and “out of nowhere”, one drew a pistol and the other opened the box and took the money.

The first theft occurred around 21,00 hours, in the locality of Boavista de Pinheiros, village next to the EN120, connecting Odemira to the Algarve, when the two individuals, with face masks and hooded sweatshirts covering the head and the rest of the face, entered a kebab restaurant and ordered meals.

The highest act drew a pistol and threatened the owner of the establishment to hand over the money. Then the other individual took over 140 euros that were in the cash register and the mobile phone worth 1.200 euros.

Left the establishment, by EN 120 and then by EM500-2, the group went immediately to Zambujeira do Mar, about what 17 kilometers and just over 15 minutes later they robbed a pastry shop, where they repeated the "operation".

In a video that LN had access to, you can see a young employee from the Mabi pastry shop, cleaning a counter, without any customer inside. The two men entered and immediately, the tallest drew the gun, first found it on the head of the employee and then on the belly, forced him to open the box.

Continuous act the second robber entered the counter and after the cash register opened, poured all the money that was inside it into a plastic bag, to what has been possible to determine, between 1200/ 1300 euros. Before they leave, the gun carrier, again threatened the employee, forcing you to lie on the floor inside the counter, both running out, entering the waiting vehicle, leaving the village at great speed, but without anyone noticing the theft.

After the GNR took care of the occurrences, and in the face of the use of firearms, the Judiciary Police was called, who started to oversee the investigation.

Teixeira Correia


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