Moura: Budget, GOP and authority of Personnel Map for 2020 approved.

Moura Municipal Assembly approved by majority vote the Budget, GOP and authority of Personnel Map were approved by a majority. CDU and PS exchange charges.

Among the agenda items, highlighting approval, majority, the Major Options of the Plan and Budget for the year 2020, with 13 votes in favor, 10 votes against and 2 abstentions. The document, now approved, It has a budget of 24.862.993,00 euros, which includes a wide range of investments and works.

The Municipality of Moura highlights the conclusion of the contract for rehabilitation of Moura Municipal Pool; conclusion of the contract for rehabilitation of Well Street and Street of the Goldsmiths; construction of the bus terminal and landscaping; redevelopment of the public space of the Municipal Museum and rehabilitation of hydraulic passage called Pontoon Slaughterhouse; urban and environmental rehabilitation of entries Moura; execution of the works provided for under the "Valuation of Recreational and Recreation Area of ​​the Alqueva Dam Core" - buildings, Beach and river pool; construction of motorcaravanning Service Areas (SO); rehabilitation of infrastructure support to existing water level in the county; requalification of Largo das Ameias, em Safara; completion of the old slaughterhouse rehabilitation works for Municipal Museum; launching contracts streets and pavements; launch of the contract the School of Fire Center, under the school reorganization process for the city of Moura.

Also approved by a majority, with 13 votes in favor, 10 votes against and 2 abstentions, Staff was the map for the year 2020, and the amendment to the Rules of the Organization of Municipal Services.

Exchange of accusations between CDU and PS.

Communists say that "in line with the position taken by the CDU councilors at City Hall, this political force voted against the proposed budget and GOP to 2020.A CDU reaffirms the essential aspects involving a strong reaction against this PS fiscal policy. On the political choice of the Socialist Party, in government and municipality, this budget is deprived of significant sums on participation in state taxes. Also by political choice of the Socialist Party, nothing new happens over this budget. There are now two lost budgets from 2017.

The Socialists accuse the elected CDU to justify his vote against "on the grounds worn and repetitive that is nothing more than a desperate survival certificate policy. A CDU, during 20 years ruled Moura County destinations unilaterally comes now (groundlessly) complain of …"difficulty (this executive) in dealing with the contradictory…".De facto, for the CDU anything goes… The CDU should (so yeah) explain to the County population Moura, voting as voted against the budget and GOP for 2020 ".

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