Mértola: “Love scammer” played Russian roulette with a woman.

Former legionnaire seduced and later mistreated women. Return this Wednesday to court to know the coercion measures.

Heard yesterday for five hours at the District Court of Beja (TCB) the individual known as the “love scammer”, only on Wednesday morning will you know the coercion measures. At the end of yesterday, the defendant was taken by inspectors from the Southern Directorate of the PJ to the Beja Prison, where you will have the Criminal Investigating Judge present again.

Paulo Alexandre Santos, of 55 year old, was arrested on Monday, being suspicious of the crimes of fraud and domestic violence practiced, at least, against three women he seduced with promises if a joint life and ended up running out of money and assets and still raped.

Former Command and member of the French Legion, led to deception a Gallic citizen who lived with him between September 2017 and May 2018 and, with who came to play the game of "Russian roulette", with a pistol, with a bullet in the drum. It was with this woman's complaint, at the GNR post in Mértola, that the case started to be investigated, but as domestic violence, having then transitioned to the PJ.

The individual spent, incognito, a lot of time with women on mount José das Neves (na photos), Santana parish Cambas, in the Mértola municipality, which was acquired by the French citizen, in a place where nobody bothered, for being some distance from the National Road 265 and where you can only reach it through a dirt road.

The former legionnaire, who came to be in Angola as a mercenary, was detained after the “Amores Imperfeito” operation, carried out by the PJ do Sul and the collaboration of the counterpart of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and the GNR Intervention Unit on the hill of the municipality of Mértola and at the parents' house in Estoril, having been seized two firearms and a replica, cold steel, three fake driving licenses, three vehicles, two of them with a high cylinder capacity and a large amount of money, all in cash.

The detainee with a history of qualified fraud and theft, it wasn’t much apparent that when the arrest was known the news dropped like a bomb in Mértola and was the topic of popular talk throughout the day.

Teixeira Correia


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