Legislative: PSD announces first three names of all constituencies

The general secretary of the PSD, José Silvano, released late on Tuesday the first three names of candidates of that party, by all constituencies, the Legislative Elections. Former president of the Chamber Almodovar is the Beja List # 2.

by Beja, Henrique Silvestre Ferreira, António José Messiah Rosario Sebastian and Maria Inês Santos Guerreiro.

by Portalegre, António José Chaves Miranda and Paula Cristina Henriques Mota Calado. by Évora, Sonia Cristina Silva dos Ramos, Francisco Maria Gonçalves Lopes Figueira and João Carlos de Carvalho Marques Perdigão White.

Azores are candidates Paulo Moniz, Antonia Ventura and Ilídia Square. Aveiro, are candidates Ana Miguel Santos, António André da Silva and Vitor Martins Topa. Braga are candidates André Coelho Lima, Firmino Marques and Maria Clara Gonçalves Mendes arques. Bragança are candidates Adam Silva, Isabela Maria Lopes and Paulo Manuel Rodrigues Pereira Pinto. Castelo Branco are candidates Claudia André, Luís Santos and Carlos Faria. Coimbra are candidates Mónica Quintela, Maló António de Abreu and Paulo Jorge Carvalho Leitão.

Lisbon, Philip Roseta, Silvano José and Pedro Pinto. for Wood, Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque, Mário Sérgio Marques and Sarah Madruga da Costa. Port, Hugo Daniel Alves Martins de Carvalho, Rui Fernando da Silva Catarina River and Faria Leite da Rocha Ferreira. Santarém, Isaura Morais, João Moura and Duarte Marques. Setúbal, Nuno Carvalho, Fernando Negrao and Maria Fernanda Velez. Viana do Castelo, Jorge Manuel Salgueiro Mendes, Maria Emilia Sousa and Eduardo Cerqueira and Alexandre Ribeiro Gonçalves Teixeira.

Lighthouse, Christopher North, Rui Cristina Ramos and Ophelia. Leiria, Margaret Lopes Balseiro, Hugo Oliveira and Pedro Roque. Vila Real, Luis Leite Ramos, Claudia Patricia Quitério Benedict and Artur Andrade Soveral. And Viseu, are candidates Fernando Streets, Pedro Alves and Fatima Borges.

The circle of Europe are candidates Carlos Alberto Goncalves and Victor Alves Gomes. Outside the circle of Europe and José Cesario Jerónimo Rodrigues Lopes.

The Commission of the PSD National Policy approved this afternoon, in Guimarães, the list of candidates for members of the Legislative Elections 6 October. The meeting also voted the Electoral Program, whose outline will now be put to a final vote in the party's National Council, which is taking place also in Guimarães.

In the negotiations held over the past weeks, it appears that in 22 constituencies, There are two (Setúbal and Viana) who took a break with the National Policy Committee. Note also the fact that all candidates – total no 331, – belong to the respective districts, which is a unique case. Altogether, the PSD lists feature 151 women and 179 men.

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