Legislative 2019: Pedro do Carmo tops the list of PS at Beja district.

Pedro do Carmo is the PS list head for the constituency of Beja. The confirmation was made by Assistant Secretary General for Socialist, Ana Catarina Mendes.

The National Political Commission of the Socialist Party carried out day 23 July, which will be approved the names of candidates for the Legislative October.

The heads-of-list were chosen by the Party Secretary General, having in the Beja District Political Commission has already approved the full list. Telma Guerreiro, Councilwoman of Odemira Chamber is the second tier. The following are: Jorge Rosa, President of the Chamber Mértola; Laura Rodrigues, President of the Socialist Women of the Lower Alentejo, Luis Martins, President of JS of Almodovar and Paula Pais, President of the Concelhia Serpa PS. The agent is Paul Arsenic, President of Beja House.

Remember that Pedro do Carmo was the head of list of the PS in the Legislative previous, where in addition to the socialist deputy, They were also elected by the Beja district, John Ramos (CDU), later replaced by João Dias and Sena Nilza (PSD).

For Legislative October, besides Pedro do Carmo, list are heads in the district, João Dias (CDU), Henrique Silvestre Ferreira (PSD), Inês Palma Teixeira (CDS), Mariana moldboard (BE) and Antonio Cortez Lobão (Alliance).

Teixeira Correia


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