IRS: Dates for submission of the declaration of 2021.

These are the dates for filing the IRS tax return. 2021 referring to income from 2020. Starting in February, you need to be aware of the deadlines to avoid losing the right to deductions or having to pay fines.

In February there are two dates to retain. The first is the day 15 Feb., when the deadline for communicating any changes in the household ends. If there was no, in 2020, any of the mentioned changes, just check if the data on the Finance Portal is correct.

Another date to retain is also that of 25 Feb.. This day marks the end of the deadline for confirming expenses on the personal page of the e-invoice. If you have children, must, also, check the expenses of these.

For those who have income from self-employment and are covered by the simplified regime, 25 February is also the deadline for justifying expenses. It is the last day to indicate, on e-invoice, whether the expenses presented are personal, professional or mixed.

Until the day 15 March the amounts of deductions from the collection of expenses confirmed by invoice and other documents are available on the Bail Bonds Portal. This information will be visible on a personal page of the Finance Portal, different from e-invoice.

As happened in 2020, this year also taxpayers will have three months to submit the IRS, in other words, between 1 from April to 30 June, regardless of income category. As a rule, accountants do not advise delivery in the first few 15 days, since the system changes every year and the changes are tested in a real environment, in the first days.

To 31 July the AT has to send the IRS settlement note. It is the deadline for receiving the refund, provided you have submitted the declaration within the time limit, what is 30 June.

August is the time to pay the State, but only in the case of taxpayers who are not entitled to an IRS refund. The deadline for payment of additional tax ends at 31 August.

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