IRS: Discounted cameras doubled in a decade. Beja returns zero.

Number of municipalities that forgo all tax revenue in favor of taxpayers will increase by 2021. There are none of the fourteen in the Beja district.

In the next year, more city councils will return part or all of the IRS revenue to which they are entitled in favor of their taxpayers (and voters). According to the survey carried out by JN / Dinheiro Vivo, will be 137, three more than this year.

In the district of Beja only three municipalities, Mértola, Castro Verde and Odemira, return part of the IRS to taxpayers, between 2,75 and 4,8%, the remaining eleven do not return anything to taxpayers, no case, Aljustrel, Alvito, Almodovar, Canyons, Beja, Cuba, Ferreira do Alentejo, Moura, Ourique, Vidigueira and Serpa.

In a decade, the number of municipalities to waive part or all of the tax rose from 66 to 137, more than doubled. Even so, still represent only 44,4% of 308 counties. The list is not closed, since municipalities can still communicate the decision on this matter until the end of December.

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