Ferreira do Alentejo: cannabis grower held by GNR.

He cultivated cannabis in attachments with the residence, which also sold the drug buyers, It was investigated by the GNR and now detained.

A man of 40 year old, resident in Ferreira do Alentejo county, He was arrested on Wednesday, by military core of Criminal Investigation (NIC) the Aljustrel when GNR, by cultivation of cannabis, being accused of the crime of drug trafficking.

The individual was being investigated for nearly a year, having ascertained the military that the suspect used the annexes to his residence to cultivate narcotic product, in two greenhouses. It was also at his home that the individual receiving the drug buyers.

Pursuant to four search warrants, a home-based residence of the suspect and three vehicle owned, seized in addition to narcotic, miscellaneous equipment used in planting of the same.

They were seized 400 Individual doses of cannabis and more 333 heads of the same product 362,45 grams, two phones, 70 glasses, a large laptop greenhouse, air humidifiers, lighting equipment and heating the greenhouse and fertilizers (photo of Lidador News file).

The suspect was detained in GNR facilities Ferreira do Alentejo and was yesterday (Thursday) present in the Judicial Court that village, for the application of enforcement measures, that the closure of this edition were not yet known.

In addition to the NIC military Aljustrel, the action was the strengthening of the Beja Intervention Detachment and Regional Office of Ferreira do Alentejo.

Teixeira Correia


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