Fª Alentejo: GNR recovered about a ton of stolen olives.

Military core of Criminal Investigation (NIC) and the Aljustrel Territorial Post of the National Republican Guard (GNR) recovered at dawn last Monday that was being stolen in a property in the municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo.

Following a complaint, the military went to Herdade do Pardieiro, found that the fence of the estate had been cut. After touring the property, the military detected a light goods vehicle of Bulgarian origin, who was stuck and abandoned.

Due to the weight, the suspects involved were unable to unseat the vehicle in the theft and abandoned it on the spot with the olive inside., which was returned to the rightful owner.

In addition to the vehicle, the GNR military seized a jerrican with fuel and several documents, being developing diligence to locate the individuals involved in the theft and who fled the site to an uncertain part.

Other cases in the municipality of Ferreira do Alentejo

In 17 January 2017, seventeen people arrested and three tons of olives seized, was the result of the operation carried out yesterday morning, a farm near Ferreira do Alentejo.

The action taken by the military of the Center for Criminal Investigation (NIC) Aljustrel and post Ferreira do Alentejo, constitution in most detention of individuals who are dedicated to olive theft and the second largest seizure, registered in this campaign.

Were arrested in flagrante delicto ten men and seven women, aged 20 and 60 year old, all of Romanian nationality, who had in their possession 84 olive bags.

They were also seized seven machine-removal of soil olive, seven bags transport caresses and about a dozen buckets.

This group is linked to the theft of 20 tons olive, rated in 11 thousand euros, occurred on 30 December 2016, Vale Herdade D'Água, Also Ferreira do Alentejo. Thieves moved three tractors ready for delivery.

The group stole 20 tons olive, who were placed in two of the three trailers attached to tractors and ready to be loaded into a mill. Olive had been bought by a Swiss businessman, tenant Mount Curveiro, about what 1,5 kilometers of Vale D'Água, both located on each side of EN2, another Spanish businessman and would be loaded onto a truck to a mill.

Only when the truck driver who would take the olives to the mill came to the mountain it is that they realized the theft, who immediately warned charge, who called the authorities.

Teixeira Correia


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