(Exclusive) Cycling: Back to Alentejo, It was presented today in Montemor-o-Novo.

Was this afternoon presented the 37th Volta ao Alentejo in Bicycle, proof will be on the road between 20 and 24 March, starting in the town of Montemor-o-Novo and end in Évora. The evidence does not count this year with club teams / sub 23 Portuguese. The Federation was not represented in the presentation.

Participate in the regatta 18 teams 9 Portuguese and 9 foreign, with the novelty, by organizational decision, not present the Portuguese teams Club / Sub 23, because they were not invited to the race. The organizer maintains that the cost thereof is not compatible with the tradition proof, so foreign teams were invited, with more rhythm of competition and to ensure a better and more valuable sports event.

Joaquim Gomes, organization director, He explained that "was a strategy for not having 15 Portuguese teams and two or three foreign and two inviting and not inviting others had no reason to be ", devaluing the lack of the presence of members of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, including the chairperson, Delmino Pereira.

The "Alentejo" will have six stages, five online and Time Trial, a total of 802,1 kilometers, where the 4th stage ending in Portalegre, who has the 12 kilometers from the finish the dreadful ascent to the Cabeço Alto do Mouro, walking, but very steep climb with a mountain count 2nd Category. On the afternoon of that day 23 March, a short Time Trial of 8,4 kilometers in Castelo de Vide, will arrange the final accounts as the winner of the back, since you will have a rise in the Serra da Senhora da Penha and a dizzying descent to the entrance of the "Sintra of Alentejo", the following one gable of sheer 1.500 meters to the finish line.

The Volta ao Alentejo is organized from 2010 the Podium Events, the same laying on the road to the Tour of Portugal, will go 35 of 47 Alentejo municipalities (Alto, Low and Litoral) and will have a new unprecedented winner, as the victor of last year, Luís Mendonça, then the service Aviludo / Louletano, running now by Radio Popular / Boavista, will not participate because she fell during the Tour of the Algarve, where one fractured scaphoid. Mendonça broke a jinx of 12 years without winning the Portuguese "Alentejo".

Will become 36 winners 37 issues, Carlos Barbero, who won edits 2014 (Euskadi) and 2017 (Movistar), "Stuck" tradition and became the first runner to win the "Alentejo" twice.

During the Tour of the Algarve, Raul Alarcon (W52 / FC Porto), bi-winner of the Tour of Portugal 2017 and 2018, took in order to win the "Alentejo" of 2019, him that on the day following the end of the full race 33 years. "I want to win for two reasons. First because it is one of the proofs of greater importance in Portugal and won by many famous Spanish corridors and secondly because he liked to offer a gift to myself, getting in Évora the winner hat the Alentejo ", justified.

The "Alentejo" reached international in 1996, with the presence of Miguel Indurain and kept such a category to 2009, date on which the organization CIMAC-Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo, "Heir" of the Association of Evora District Municipalities (AMDE), He decided to stay the execution of the race. then was the Podium in a protocol with the CIMAC, which enabled the return to the road from 2010 the Volta ao Alentejo in Bicycle, but going to the same category 2.2 to UCI.

Joaquim Gomes said that it is a test with "high expectations", which includes a strip of territory "enjoyed cycling and thus promoting their region", held.

hydrangea Boy, President of Montemor-o-Novo House, justified that the test "is the result of organizational spirit and work of local authorities", adding that "it is proud to have received the early round", concluded.

Carlos Sá Pinto, President of CIMAC, He recalled that the race "is much more than a sporting event, linking all or Alentejo ", justifying that the partnership with Podium "is crucial to keep alive and strengthen the race", concluded. The also president of the Chamber of Évora revealed that the council "put forward a candidacy for European Capital Culture / 2027", finished.

The Portuguese Cycling Federation was not represented at the presentation of the race, who knows if it disagrees with the fact that the organization does not have invited the club teams / Sub 23.

Among the winners are the names of Miguel Indurain, Aitor Garmendia, Asiat Saitov, Melchior Mauri, José Luís Rubiera, Laszlo Bodrogi, Xavier Tondo, David White, Carlos Barbero, Maxime Bouet, Paulo Ferreira, Manuel Zeferino, Marco Chagas, Joaquim Gomes and Fernando Carvalho, who won there 30 year old, among many others.

Stages of the Volta ao Alentejo-20 24 March (look here: ALENTEJO route BACK 2019_21fev)

1Th stage (20/03)- Montemor-o-Novo (10h30) - Moura (15h57)- 208,1 kms

Flights by Viana do Alentejo (MV-km 56,5-11h54), Vidigueira (MV-km 82,8-12h49), EM520-Portel (PM 4ªcat-km 90,8-13h01), dismounted supply / Vera Cruz (km 104,4-13h21), Reguengos de Monsaraz (MV-km 138-14h12).

2Th stage (21/03)- Mértola (11h20) - Odemira (15h57)- 182,8 kms

Flights to Castro Verde (MV-km 40-12h28), Aljustrel (MV-km 62,1-13h00), dismounted supply / São Domingos (km 98,4-13h54), Porto Covo (MV-km 137,9-14h51).

3Th stage (22/03)- Santiago do Cacém (11h25) - Must (15h48)- 176,5 kms

Flights by Grândola (MV-km 23,7-12h04), Alcacer do Sal (PM 4ªcat-Km 47,7-12h39), Sales News (MV-km 85,8 -13h35), dismounted supply / Vendas Novas (km 86,4-13h36), Montemor-o-Novo (PM 4ªcat-Km 108,7-14h09), Arraiolos (MV-km 130,8-14h41),

4Th stage (23/03)- Ponte de Sor (10h30) – Portalegre (12h23)- 74,3 kms

Flights to Alter do Chao (MV-km 31,7-11h21), Crato (PM 4ªcat-Km 44 -11h39), Cabeço do Mouro (PM 2ªcat-Km 62,9 -12h15).

5Th stage (23/03)- Castelo de Vide (16h00) - Castelo de Vide (18h27)- CRI-8.4 kms

6Th stage (24/03)- Portalegre (11h20) – Évora (15h12)- 152 kms

Passing by Monforte (MV-km 37,4-12h24), Fight (MV-km 79,9-13h26), dismounted supply / Rotunda for Vila Viçosa (km 87,7-13h28), Redondo (MV-km 115,8-14h19).

the teams

Continental Professionals: W52 / FC Porto (Portugal) and Euskadi Basque Country / Murias (Spain)

Continental: Aviludo / Louletano, Efapel, THE Alumínios / LA Sport, Miranda / Mortágua, Oliveirense / InOurbuild, Popular radio / Boavista, Sporting/ Tavira (all of Portugal), Wiggins and Team Selection U23 Great Britain (both Britain), BAI / Sicasal / Petro de Luanda (Angola), Differdange/GeBa (Luxembourg), Fundacion Euskadi (both in Spain), SRA-Swiss Racing Academy (Switzerland), UNO-X/ Norwegian Development Academy (Norway) e Lokosphinx (Russia).

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