(Exclusive) Beja: Diocese wants “settle accounts” in court with Mercy.

Will of 1934 made to Mercy, takes Diocese, via São José Mansion, to put Misericórdia in court to account for the income of two estates.

Aiming to be compensated, of what it considers to be a testamentary right, the São José Mansion (MSJ), owned by the Diocese of Beja, filed a special declarative action of accountability in the Civil Court, against the Holy House of Mercy of Beja (SCMB).

In the lawsuit, that the Lidador News (LN) We had access, the author reports that it was founded following the will of D. Camille Passanha Champalimaud, of 4 June 1934, left Misericórdia de Beja a house and two estates “the house to house old impossibilities, of the municipalities of Beja and Ferreira do Alentejo and use the proceeds from the administration of legacy goods to promote their livelihood and assistance ”.

With the foundation, the São José Mansion took the current building on Rua de São Gregório, no historical center of Beja, where it houses more than a hundred women and should receive from Santa Casa part of the profits from the exploitation of goods and income from agricultural properties.

No document entered no court, MSJ argues that SCMB “has not proceeded since 2004, didn't give knowledge, nor delivered the total value of the income generated by the administration of the goods ”so that they could be applied in the sustenance of the users.

To file the special provision and accounts action to determine and approve the income and expenses obtained by Santa Casa da Misericórdia, the São José Mansion, which is chaired by the Board of Directors, Father António Novais, attached a credential issued by the Bishop of Beja.

Having no data to define a receivable, the Mansão administration asks Santa Casa to present to the court the accounts approved since 2004 and its “condemnation in the payment of the balance that may be determined, including interest on late payments to date ”, justify.

Heard by LN, John Paul Ramôa, president of the direction of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Beja, assured that “the action will be the subject of our defense”, arguing that more than court cases “it is important to update the spirit of a will that 87 years doesn't make sense ”. The former Civil Governor of the District of Beja revealed that “the building belongs to Santa Casa, we are the ones who pay IMI and Mansão does not pay a cent of income ”, finished.

Ramôa was dismayed by the fact that “they did not indicate an element to the commission that would discuss the update as the will was proposed. Instead they decided to go to court ”, concluded.

It is recalled that last October 2020, an outbreak of covid-19 was detected inside the building that houses the home of the Mansion of São José that culminated in the death of 12 users and the displacement of more than fifty to the Air Base Reception Center 11, in Beja.

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