(Exclusive) Beja: Territorial GNR command will let the former Bishop's Palace.

The Territorial Command of the GNR Beja district, always based on low-capital Alentejo, the former Bishop's Palace, It will be transferred to the neighboring municipality of Aljustrel, in particular for the post of Ervidel.

Has learned the Lidador News (LN), the constant degradation that affects the former Bishop's Palace, who for decades home to the Territorial Command Beja (CTB) da National Republican Guard, and the expressed desire of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Beja to recover and restore the building, They led to make the decision to relocate the CTB for the post of Ervidel, until the construction of the new building in the city.

The site chosen to house the CTB, It has to do with the fact that being the location that has more space has to accommodate the various aspects of the Guard. In the last Volta ao Alentejo, the post of Ervidel, It was once again the venue to receive 21 Military Detachment Traffic Possible proof.

For the construction of the new building, whose case has been described as "particularly complex", to enable speedier publication of tender and beginning of works. One of the areas that is under consideration is what is located in the "Valley of Tuna", Parishes in the Union of Greater Santiago and S. John the Baptist, next to the IP2, Detailed Plan which was approved by the House and the Municipal Assembly of Beja and awaiting publication in the Official Gazette.

It is recalled that the last "cry of alarm" took place in April 2018 after a visit of a political force to control facilities with the revelation that "there have already been small landslides that caused damage to some vehicles that were parked".

The degradation of the building has advanced rampant after the Modern University left the 1st floor of the building, looking for the Diocese that the GNR leave the rest of the space. It is recalled that during the tenure of Francisco Santos, as president of the Chamber of Beja, the local authority failed to take over the payment of income and the building which is now the responsibility of the Guard General Command.

In April 2010, I interviewed TVI, the then Bishop of Beja, He said it has “He wrote several letters” the Minister of Internal Affairs (MAY) on the subject, but he said he had not received Rui Pereira, “any answer”. D. António Vitalino Dantas stated that the building "is in an advanced state of degradation". According to the Bishop “already been spent over 60 thousand euros” in restoration work. Referring although the GNR "wants to be indemnified against the damage to vehicles” caused by a drop wall pieces.

To the restructuring of the guard, the former commander of the Territorial Brigade 3, Major General Nunes Pires, He left several alerts for “seriousness of the situation”. And it proved to be pleased with the ability to switch to the facilities of the old National Road Board (JAE), whose space was vacant and has excellent technical and physical characteristics.

One of the institutions involved in the process wanted to comment on the matter.

Teixeira Correia


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