(Exclusive) Beja: GNR command investigated for irregularities in payments.

A secretary of war involving currencies (graduations), scales, patrols and overpayments, Territorial Command in Beja (CTBeja) da GNR, It may have led to the opening of a huge trapdoor within the Guard at national level.

It will be common practice for many years, the pay scale supplements and patrol the military adstritos the secretariat services, which were not made.

The case was triggered by an anonymous letter sent to prosecutors (MP) Beja, realized that the practice of irregularities in the Traffic Detachment, where it was revealed that the military responsible for the execution of duty rosters, "Included his name, I did not make the service and received the honorary ".

The plaintiffs have been placed on patrols that did not like him, which have led to make a complaint, which involved the responsible for the preparation of scales, a military with lower graduation.

The MP considered the situation as very serious and referred the case to the inspection of the Guard (IG), who immediately came to the land, and began investigating the maps of the scales forwarded by the various detachments for Command. The research aims to determine the CTBeja irregularities in the payment of supplements and scale military patrol adstritos the secretariat services, looking also know since when this practice existed and what values ​​will be involved.

Dozens of military funds have received monthly by the two services that have not made and will have damaged the public purse in thousands of euros for the improper payment of these supplements. The situation "broke" Traffic Detachment, but quickly "spread" to the Territorial.

Inside the Territorial Command Beja, the case "fell like a bomb", with the author of the letter was quickly "identified". The authorship of the document was aimed at another military Traffic Detachment, he also attached to the secretarial service, which have also been paid for services not performed.

Although there is no suspension, the situation generated a strong "malaise" between the military linked to secretarial services and shock waves led to the alleged complainant was entered with a sick leave.

To try to clarify the matter, the Lidador News (LN) put several questions to the General Inspection of the Interior (IGAI), with the Deputy Inspector General, Paul A. Ferreira, said that "does not run in IGAI any process that has as its object the matter in question".

For its part the prosecution of Beja, which the proceedings did not yield any response to questions presentadas.

Already the General Command of GNR, through the Head of Division of Communications and Public Relations, Lieutenant Colonel Helder Barros, confirmed the existence of the situation described, explaining that "the above subject, It is being examined by the prosecution and, internally, the Inspection of the Guard ", not adding other details.

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