Editorial Policy

Lidador News is a website (newspaper) general information, directed mainly to the Beja district, which aims to, through text and image, a web platform, coverage of the most important and significant events in the region, in all areas of interest.

Lidador News is independent of political power, economic and any pressure groups and identifies with the values ​​of pluralist democracy and solidarity.

Lidador News is governed, in the exercise of its activity, compliance with the ethics and professional standards of journalism and defends the opinion of pluralism, without prejudice to take their own positions.


The creation of the site (newspaper) aims to continue the professional life of the owner, after many years in radio and collaboration with a major national newspapers. More than giving a name, it is important to leave a mark, so the site name (newspaper), seeks to honor a great fighter, one of the historical figures of Beja, Gonçalo Mendes da Maia (The Lidador) and at the same time marks the fight of the day-to-day, towards a professional and personal goal.


In Lidador News believe that the region's development has to be inclusive and participatory, not letting anything or anyone behind. We want to contribute to an informed public opinion and actor, valuing the controversy and diversity of opinions.

Who arrive

The Lidador News speaks to an audience of all walks of life, of all professions, faiths or religions. Try to present information in an engaging way and interested, leaving aside the sensationalism. We will seek to be at the forefront, eye for innovation and promoting interaction with readers.


The Lidador News reserves the right to delete abusive comments and inappropriate language. Comments should be used to clarify other readers about current or criticize the news approach. Since the reviews posted are the sole responsibility of their authors, that for this to be identified with his real name.


Other information

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