Emergency state: Forbidden to move between municipalities.

It is forbidden to move between municipalities on the continent from 20 hours this Friday and until Monday at 05,00 hours under the State of Emergency.

The ban on movement between municipalities again applies between 20:00 today and the 05:00 Monday in the mainland, with some exceptions provided, among which to vote in Sunday's presidential elections.

as, integrated in combating the covid-19 pandemic, was defined by the Council of Ministers, alongside other restrictions on the confinement started last week, such as a ban on sales or deliveries to the wicket at any establishment in the non-food business, the prohibition on the sale or delivery to the wicket of any drink even in establishments authorized to take-away, or staying in public leisure spaces (that can, yet, be frequented).

Like what happened in other periods during the state of emergency, like Easter or New Year's Eve, the Government decided to restrict the circulation between 278 continent counties at the weekend.

Regarding the electoral act to elect the President of the Republic, which takes place not Sunday, there is an exception in the ban on movement between municipalities for people who are registered outside the area of ​​their residence area, although the law requires each citizen to be registered to vote in the place where he resides.

With the new rules, there is a limitation on the closing time of all establishments of goods and services open to the public, that have to close at 20:00 on weekdays and at 13:00 on weekends and holidays, except the food flap, which can operate on weekends until 17:00.

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