Business: Rui Nabeiro leads ranking of leaders with the best reputation.

Consultant OnStrategy analyzed the relevance, reputation and emotional and rational relationship of 100 business leaders in Portugal during the year 2020. Rui Nabeiro leads the table.

In a year of health pandemic, which were the leaders who lead better with the challenges and who stood out for their performance? Rui Nabeiro (Delta), Alexandre Fonseca (Altice) and Paulo Macedo (General cash deposits) were the leaders that stood out in the analysis made by OnStrategy the 100 leaders of companies in Portugal.

“These managers lead organizations in industries that stood out in their exhibition, performance and relevance during the year 2020 in a critical pandemic scenario”, says Pedro Tavares, Concept e CEO to OnStrategy, cited in press release.

The RepScore study looked at the relevance, reputation and emotional and rational relationship of business leaders during the year 2020, having been assigned a score, a scale of 100 points, a “a set of more than 100 leaders who were spontaneously identified and evaluated in an induced way with respect to emotional attributes (admiration, relevance, confidence, preference, recommendation) and rational (government and ethics, leadership and vision, financial results)”.

Rui Nabeiro, from Delta, leads the table with an overall assessment of 74,2 points – leading both emotionally and rationally -, followed by Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of the owner of Meo (72,7 points) and Paulo Macedo, the Caixa Geral de Depósitos (71,6 points).

Carlos Gomes da Silva, at the time Galp's CEO, comes in fourth with 71 points, followed by Pedro Soares dos Santos, leader of the Jerónimo Martins group (70,5 points) closing the Top 5.

Dionísio Pestana, from the Pestana hotel group, appears in sixth position with 70 points, followed by Paulo Azevedo (da Sonae) with 69,7 points, and João Bento, dos CTT, with 69,1 points comes in 8th.

Miguel Stillwell de Andrade – the new CEO of EDP after the departure of António Mexia because of the case of excessive rents – comes in 9th position, with 68,3 points, closing the TOP 10 with Fernando Ulrich (BPI), with 66,8 points.

Source: Cash Money (Global Media Group publication)

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