EDIA: Agricultural Yearbook of Alqueva 2020 available.

It is already available on the site edia Agricultural Yearbook of Alqueva 2020. The available external information, in many indicators, refers to previous years.

The Agricultural Yearbook of Alqueva 2020, in its fifth edition, intends to provide a framework, as clear as possible, with regard to existing and potential production systems in Alqueva, in order to assist farmers, technicians and investors who want to develop and / or study sustainable agricultural activities.

This document systematizes information on the various crops and varieties with agricultural potential in Alqueva, economic profitability, as well as, analyzes the varying trends of national and international markets.

The Development of Multiple Purposes of Alqueva (EFMA), is currently in its first phase, next to 120 hectares of irrigated, completed. Membership rates have steadily increased since 2008, and at this point "cruising speed" has already been reached, next to 95%, in the operation and use of this enterprise.

The construction of the second phase, about 50 hectares, already started, expected to be completed in 2024.

The results of this writing information collection cultures, with specialists, producers in the region, Document information, articles and other published literature and made available by the various sector entities. They were also consulted data and information from the National Statistics Institute (INE), Planning and Policy Office (GPP) and other institutions linked to the Ministry of Agriculture (MA).

Despite this Yearbook referring to the year of 2020, the available external information, in many indicators, refers to previous years. The present work, taking into account the type of variables involved, is subject to periodic updates, by way, incorporate any changes that may occur.

Link to the Alqueva Agricultural Yearbook 2020: https://www.edia.pt/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/AnuarioAgricolaAlqueva2020.pdf

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