DGS: Vidigueira and Mértola are the highest risk municipalities in the district.

According to data by municipalities released by DGS, Vidigueira and Mértola are the municipalities most at risk of covid-19, being on the risk list “very high”, may have tighter rules.

According to data from the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) on the risk of infection by municipality, Vidigueira enters the level of risk “very high” where Mértola was already, which entails the mandatory curfew for 13 hours during the weekend.

In turn, the municipalities of Beja and Cuba, which were at “moderate” risk, rose to high risk.

The figures by county were calculated until day 27 of December, not yet reflecting the impact of the festive season. The risk levels and the different restrictions imposed are stipulated through the number of new cases per 100 thousand, registered in the last 14 days.

Covid-19 risk ranking

Extremely high: without registration, Very high: Mértola and Vidigueira, High: Beja, Cuba and Odemira and Moderate: Aljustrel, Almodovar, Alvito, Canyons, Castro Verde, Ferreira do Alentejo, Moura, Ourique and Serpa.

See on the map the measures county to county: https://covid19.min-saude.pt/ponto-de-situacao-atual-em-portugal/

In municipalities at risk “very high” circulation is not allowed after 13 hours at the weekend and all trade is closed at 13 Saturday and Sunday hours, except for pharmacies, clinics and offices, establishments selling food with a door to the street until 200 m2 or gas pumps. I don't case two restaurants, operation is only allowed with home deliveries.

The Council of Ministers this Tuesday gave a favorable opinion to the renewal of the state of emergency for more 8 days, up day 15 January.

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