Delta Q eQo: Perfect capsule for Nature.

Delta Q eQo the first coffee with a biodegradable capsule. A blend so friendly to nature that not even our little friends can resist it.

Delta Q eQo is born from Nature and by Nature. It is the first Delta Q blend with triple certification, biodegradable capsule and in recyclable packaging. A perfect espresso for you and for Nature with a combination of aromas and unforgettable flavor.

The new Delta Q eQo blend capsule is produced, fully, from fibers of plant origin and biomaterials. It is a capsule with a shorter life cycle and, therefore, as lower environmental impact.

Delta Q eQo is the brand's first blend with triple certification: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Biological. These certifications ensure the protection of the environment, communities and more sustainable agriculture.

Delta Q eQo is a blend of intensity 7. Gives rise to a balanced expression in the body and acidity, with notes of citrus aroma that contrast with the sweetness of almonds, chocolate and caramel. For perfect extraction, let only water flow between cafes, during 5 seconds.

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