Covid-19: Three counties in the district of Beja / ULSBA without any infection.

Of the thirteen municipalities in the management area of ​​the Baixo Alentejo Local Health Unit (ULSBA), nine have less than five infected and one has six. Only three over a dozen cases.

According to the Situation Report (Daily report 18-03-2021) published daily by ULSBA, which does not include the municipality of Odemira, and concerning 24,00 horas do dia 17 March, these are the lowest data this year, regarding those infected with covid-19.

The municipalities of Aljustrel, Almodôvar and Barrancos, had no infected yesterday, justifying seven more, who have less than a dozen positive cases, Alvito's cases (2), Castro Verde (1), Cuba (3), Ferreira do Alentejo (3), Mértola (1), Ourique (1) and Vidigueira (6). With a dozen and a half or more active cases, are only the municipalities of Beja (23), Moura (43) and Serpa (15).

Highlight for the situations of Beja, which in two months reduced 526 cases, Cuba that also lowered 230, Almodôvar with less 109 cases. The municipality that has the smallest break is Moura with the least 21 infetados. But in this municipality on the Left Bank the numbers of ULSBA and the Municipal Civil Protection (PCM) never coincided. The Unit revealed that there are 43 active cases, in the daily information the PCM justified that there were 33 cases.

Comparative data of 17 March, with 17 January and February

Aljustrel: March Assets: 0, January assets: 64 and February Assets: 63. Almodovar: March Assets: 0, January assets: 109 and February Assets: 1. Alvito: March Assets: 2, January assets: 31 and February Assets: 5. Canyons: March Assets: 0, January assets: 20 and February Assets: 4. Beja: March Assets: 23, January assets: 549 and February Assets: 158. Castro Verde: March Assets: 1, January assets: 32 and February Assets: 57. Cuba: March Assets: 3, January assets: 233 and February Assets: 30. Ferreira do Alentejo: March Assets: 3, January assets: 76 and February Assets: 74. Mértola: March Assets: 1, January assets: 81 and February Assets: 33. Moura: March Assets: 43, January assets: 64 and February Assets: 63. Ourique: March Assets: 1, January assets: 76 and February Assets: 10. Serpa: March Assets: 15, January assets: 95 and February Assets: 107 and Vidigueira: March Assets: 6, January assets: 42 and February Assets: 6.

According to the ULSBA report of 17 March, There registration of 11 new cases confirmed, a total of 98 active, with 5 patients admitted to the Infirmary and 0 in Intensive Care at Beja Hospital. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6.674 confirmed covid-19 cases, 6.334 recovered and 242 dead.

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