Covid-19: Start of vaccination in the municipalities of Baixo Alentejo.

Today, the vaccination process began to be extended to users of Health Centers in eleven of the thirteen municipalities in the district of Beja in the area of ​​operation of the Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA).

According to the determinations, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) people aged or older are going to be vaccinated 50 years with pathological diseases defined by DGS and people with 80 or more years.

According to a ULSBA communication, it is about continuing the implementation of the Phase 1 of the vaccination plan against covid-19, determined by the National Coordination of the Vaccination Process, the so-called “vaccine task force”.

With the exception of Odemira, which belongs to the Litoral Alentejo Health Unit, from the Municipality of Alvito where it starts tomorrow and from Aljustrel where on the past day 17 February vaccines were administered to 444 users of the local Health Center, in the remaining eleven municipalities vaccination started this Wednesday.

Because it is the municipality with the highest population density, in the Municipality of Beja the vaccination takes place at the Sports Pavilion João Magalhães, that the municipality prepared for this purpose, where they work 4 vaccination posts with a daily vaccination capacity of 425 users and, a first aid post, and it is expected that approximately 4.300 residents.

After taking the vaccine, Manuel Galrito ​​placeholder image, 95 year old, user of the Joaquim Honório Raposo Foundation Home Support Center, in Salvada (Beja), referred that “I feel good. Vaccination is important, now we will wait for the result ”, and when asked if the pandemic has affected your life, shot: “Every day I would get in the car and go to the field, then I started to be closed at home ”, summed up.

Accustomed to daily contact with many people, Francisco do Couto Quirino, businessman in the book and stationery sector, justified that “the pandemic was terrible for the business”, adding that as a citizen he recognizes that “vaccination is necessary and important. I feel great after taking it ”, concluding that staying at home has two facets: “On the one hand it avoids contagions, but on the other hand it is bad for all the senses. I feel like a prisoner ”, finished.

Jose Catarino, the nurse responsible for the Beja Vaccination Center said that we have “eleven ULSBA employees involved in the process. Nine nurses, a doctor and an assistant who helps in the bureaucratic process, in addition to employees of the autarchy in the reception and departure of patients ”, justified.

About the number of people to be vaccinated, the nurse revealed that “we are dependent on the vaccines that are delivered. Monday we will be informed of how many vaccines arrive to plan the week ”, adding that the summons of people to inoculate “is done by direct contact by phone for the elderly and the youngest by SMS. Everyone has to confirm their desire to receive the vaccine ”, concluded.

ULSBA revealed the daily vaccination capacity in each Municipality: Almodovar (150 users), Alvito (75 users), Canyons (75 users), Beja (425 users), Castro Verde (150 users), Cuba (100 users), Ferreira do Alentejo (150 users), Mértola (150 users), Moura (300 users), Ourique (150 users), Serpa (200 users) and Vidigueira (75 users), always dependent on the availability of vaccines.

Meanwhile in the parking lot of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, a mobile testing center under the responsibility of Unilabs will start operating. The center will operate for the next fifteen days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, also being able to receive people who want to do tests in a private capacity.

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