COVID-19: If positive in Almodovar. Emigrant returned from France.

Yesterday registered the first positive case in the district of Beja. Emigrant from France, residing in Almodovar. He auditioned on Sunday in Beja Hospital.

An emigrant 60 year old, natural Bragança and residence for more than 20 years in Almodovar, It was confirmed as positive in the last-19 test Covid.

This is the first case in the district of Beja, one of the few in the country without any registration infections with the new coronavirus.

The individual, civil builder in France returned to Portugal on Sunday, felt symptoms that could configure contamination and contacted Covid-19 Health line 24, having been given the indication to go to the Beja Hospital, which made in isolation in your car.

In the security order of the Hospital of Beja was provided the identity of the patient with the express indication of it not get out of the car, where it would be carried out tests leading to the confirmation or otherwise to be infected with Covid-19.

The man returned to his house, where, having been given indications of quarantine rules should follow.

According to figures released yesterday by the Health General Directorate on the demographic characterization in 54% of the country's municipalities with confirmed cases, the county of Evora was the only one in the Alentejo with 4 confirmed cases.

33 deaths in Portugal, seven are from people under 70 year old. What does the new bulletin DGS.

rose to 2.362 total infected with covid-19 in Portugal, an increase of almost 15% (14,6%) given the latest update. It is less of what had happened on any other day since the beginning of the pandemic - in 24 previous, for example, the rise had been close to 29%.

Here it is also the North to present the highest numbers, with almost half of the patients: 1.130 of 2.362 no country confirmed. The rise of Monday to Tuesday, however, It was not very different from that registered in Lisbon, which increased from 737 sick to 852. Rest, to register even low numbers in Alentejo (another person, five six) and no Algarve (of 42 to 46). They are 293 infected in the Central region of the country and there 12 cases in the Azores and 11 Madeira.

no surprise, the most buffeted municipalities are the Lisbon (175) and Porto (126), closely followed by Maia (104) and three other North: Vila Nova de Gaia (68), Valongo (65) and Gondomar (56). Ovar, the only county isolated so far, has 55 cases, Matosinhos, Also in the North, 54, and Cascais and Sintra, in Lisbon, with 39 cases every, complete the list of the ten municipalities with more confirmed cases.

What came up were also recoveries, they are now 22, eight more than on Monday. It is an increase of 57%.

Teixeira Correia


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