Covid-19: Beja is among the counties above the threshold of cases.

There are fifteen of the 19 at-risk counties in the Continent that remain in the red. Portimão, Albufeira, Figueira da Foz, Marinha Grande and Beja are some of the most populous municipalities that until Friday had not yet managed to stay below the risk threshold defined by the Government.

According to Expresso in the last risk assessment made by the Government, earlier this month, They identified 19 continent counties with more than 120 new cases by 100 thousand, in other words, above the risk threshold of the incidence. One week after this evaluation, 15 of 19 counties still remained above that line, according to data from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), referring to the period between 24 March and 6 April, released last Friday.

This is the list of 15 municipalities most at risk: Alandroal, Albufeira, Beja, Carregal do Sal, Figueira da Foz, Pond, Marinha Grande, Moura, Odemira, Penela, Portimão, Ribeira de Pena, Rio Maior, Vila do Bispo and Vimioso. Cinfães, Figueiró Wine, Borba and Soure managed to reduce the number of cases to the point of being removed from the list.

Cumulative incidence at 14 days, between 24 March and 6 April (numbers of new cases per 100 thousand) according to DGS data: Aljustrel-24, Almodôvar-59 Alvito-0, Ravines-428, Beja-173, Castro Verde-29, Cuba-0, Ferreira do Alentejo-0, Mértola-65, Moura-459, Odemira-340, Ourique-0, Serpa-42 and Vidigueira-0

New cases of 7 a 12 April according to ULSBA data: Aljustrel-0/ 1 active in the day 12, Almodovar-0/ 1, Alvito-0/ 0, Ravines-2 / 7, Beja-13/ 33, Castro Verde-1 / 1, Cuba-0/ 0, Ferreira do Alentejo-1 / 2, Mértola-2 / 2, Moura-13 / 29, Odemira-94 / 125 (ULSLA data), Ourique-0/ 0, Serpa-8/ 11 and Vidigueira-0/ 0.

The Government will return to assess the risk situation of the Continent next Thursday, 15 April, and should use data that is more up-to-date than what is now released. Therefore, it is still unclear which places will be that at that time may not have even recovered their situation. Besides, mayors warned of the effect that this indicator (new cases by 100 thousand inhabitants 14 days) may have in municipalities with less population, once, these sites, a very small number of new infections is enough to overcome the red line.

This argument led the Prime Minister to recognize the need to evaluate each case according to its reality.. Even so, between 15 counties that have remained in the red for nine with more than 20 thousand, as is the case with Portimão, Albufeira, Figueira da Foz, Marinha Grande and Beja, for example.

Besides these 15 municipalities, there are seven more on the Continent that are above this level of risk (Almeirim, Canyons, Miranda do Corvo, Pacos Ferreira, Penalva do Castelo, Porto de Mós and Vila Franca de Xira).

There are also more counties without cases: are now 59. Seia, Salvaterra de Magos and Azambuja, the three with more than 20 thousand, had no case among 24 March and 6 April.

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