Covid-19: Beja and Vidigueira left the risk list, where Odemira is kept.

The new Government assessment points to the withdrawal of the municipalities of Beja and Vidigueira from the risk list, where the municipality of Odemira continues. The two parishes in these municipalities “have different”.

The municipalities of Beja and Vidigueira recovered and were no longer at risk of retreat in the deflation, revealed this Thursday the Minister of State and the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, who have a record of less than 120 covid cases by 100 thousand. The municipality of Odemira remains on alert, with the parishes of Longueira-Almograve and São Teotónio the has different phases.

The parish of São Teotónio, in Odemira, advanced in the deflation, even if only for the rules of the level 3, to phase of 5 April, lets-be: Store operation up to 200 m2 with door to the street; Fairs and non-food markets (by municipal decision); Functioning of terraces (with the maximum limitation of 4 people per table) until 22.30 on weekdays and until 13 hours on weekends; Practice of sports considered low risk; Outdoor physical activity until 4 people and gyms without group classes; Operation of gyms without group classes; Functioning of social facilities in the area of ​​disability.

Turn, the parish of Longueira-Almograve passes to the rules of the level 1, Phase of 1 May, lets-be: Restaurants and shows until 22.30; General trade: until 21 on weekdays and until 19 hours on weekends and holidays. Restaurant in shopping centers: until 22.30 on weekdays and until 7 pm on weekends and holidays; The restaurants, coffees and pastries can be operated with the limitation limited to a maximum of six people per table inside and ten people per table on the terraces; The practice of all sports is now allowed, as well as and for all outdoor physical activity; Gyms can work with group classes, observing the safety and hygiene rules; The capacity for weddings and baptisms is now limited to 50% space. Sports facilities where services are provided are now closed at 22.30.

Alert counties are: Albufeira, Alvaiázere, Castelo de Paiva, Fafe, Golegã, Melgaço, Montalegre, Oliveira do Hospital, Torres Vedras, Vale de Cambra, Vila Nova de Poiares and Odemira.

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