Back to Alentejo: Presented in New Sales. Beja and Serpa with steps.

Serpa receives the end of the opening stage, departing from New Sales and Beja receives the starting of the second taken with connection to Sines, the longest stage of “Alentejo”. In 2018 pass 30 anniversary of the victory of Joaquim Gomes in “Alentejo”.

The Cultural Forum "The Square", in Vendas Novas, He received on the afternoon of Tuesday, the presentation of the 36th Volta ao Alentejo in Bicycle, proof will be on the road between 14 and 18 March, beginning on New Sales and end in Évora. The "capital of Artillery" receives the start of the race for the third time, while the "Museum City" is the end of Return for the twenty seventh time in 36 issues.

The "Alentejo", as is known the race, He reached international in 1996, with the presence of Miguel Indurain, It has six steps, five online and in individual Time Trial (CRI), in total 751,9 kilometers and will go 31 of 47 Alentejo municipalities (Alto, Low and Litoral) and it will be contested by 21 teams, 13 Portuguese and 8 foreign, in total 147 Runners.

No bonuses goals in the fly and in the final stages of, the race is marked by the dispute of two stages on Saturday 17 March, in the morning the race returns to Cabeço do Mouro (Portalegre), where I was brushed off from 2004. In the afternoon contest was a CRI, the beautiful "Sintra of Alentejo", as it is known Castelo de Vide, with the rise of Penha da Senhora da Serra. The "Alentejo" not had a fight since chrono 2010, when David Blanco (Palmeiras Resort / Tavira) won drawn that called Reguengos de Monsaraz Monsaraz, He won the yellow jersey and won the round. The historic centers of Beja, Republic square, and Évora, Giraldo Square, will be the neuralgic points of the match of the 2nd stage and the end of the Volta ao Alentejo.

After last have belonged to the category 2.1 the ranking of the International Cycling Union (UCI), a Podium Events, organizer, He decided to return the race to its previous level.

Joaquim Gomes, organization director, He says this "is a strategy designed in line with the Federation, and it has to do with the national calendar contingencies and absence of great trials in March ", adding that keeping the race 2.1 "It was detrimental to the test against the world calendar and did not help the development of the national cycling, why not allow the presence of club teams ", held.

Gomes recalled that the category of "Alentejo" permits "to have two teams in the Professional Continental level and asked permission from the UCI to have four which was granted", explaining that "we accepted those who have committed to attend the Tour of Portugal", concluded.

To last year's edition the Volta ao Alentejo was the only international event in the world that had so many winners as disputed issues, but, Spaniard Carlos Barbero (Movistar), who had already won in 2014, "Stuck" tradition by being the first runner to win the "Alentejo" twice. Barbero (na photos) He committed the feat of winning both editions of the Volta ao Alentejo without having won any stage.

Joaquim Gomes, the service of Louletano / Vale de Lobo, It was the winner of the Volta ao Alentejo there 30 year old, the issue that had more steps, ten in eight days, in total 1.217 kilometers, recalls that "the most direct opponent, Jorge da Silva Sicasal / Acral, I was more suited to the route of the race: If not for the Time Trial cronoescalada in Marvão, I had not had the chance to win this magnificent proof ", finished.

Stages of the Volta ao Alentejo-14 18 March (Route BACK TO ALENTEJO 2018)

1Th stage- New-Serpa sales- 173,5 kms

Match: New sales-11:20. Flights to Montemor-o-Novo (PM 4ª cat-km 18,3), Alcáçovas (12h41), Viana do Alentejo (MV-km 69,1-13h11), Cuba (Pedestrian supply: km 94,6-13h48), Vidigueira (MV-km 105,6-14h04), Moura (MV-km 141,2-14h56) and Sinks (15h16). Arrival: Serpa- 15h43.

2Th stage- Beja-Sines- 205,2 kms

Match: Beja-10h45. Flights by Aljustrel (MV-km 29,5-11h43), Odemira (MV-km 85,8-13h05), Ribeira de Torgal (PM 4ª cat-Km 89-13h10), S.Luís (Pedestrian supply: km 103,2-13h31), Cercal (13h44), Dam Campilhas (13h52), Santiago do Cacém (MV-Km 156-14h48) and Porto Covo (15h31). Arrival: Sines- 16h00.

3Th stage- Grândola-Arraiolos- 149,3 kms

Match: Grândola-11:50. Flights to Alcacer do Sal (MV-km 18,5-12h27), Montemor-o-Novo (PM 4ª cat-km 67,3), St. Gerard (MV-km 77,6-13h56), Ciborro (Pedestrian supply: km 84,1-14h03), delicioso (14h21), blackcap (14h50), Ribeira Raia (PM 4ª cat-km 118,9-14h58) and Pavia (MV-km 127-15h10). Arrival: Arraiolos- 15h43.

4Th stage- Monforte-Portalegre- 64,2 kms

Match: Monforte-10:15. Flights by Arroches (MV-km 16-10h44), Alegrete (11h09), Serra de São Mamede (PM 2ª cat-km 44,7-11h28) and Cabeço do Mouro (PM 2ª cat-km 58,8-11h50). Arrival: Portalegre- 11H58.

5Th stage- Castelo de Vide, Castelo de Vide (CRI)- 8,4 kms

Match: the first cyclist-16:00 Vide-Departure Castle. Sweater starting Yellow-18:15. Arrival: Castelo de Vide- 18h27.

6Th stage- Castelo de Vide-Évora- 168,9 kms

Match: Vide-11:55 Castle. Flights by Alpalhão (12h18), Crato (12H40), Alter do Chão (12h57), Border (MV-km 57,5-13h22), Sousel (13h38), Estremoz (MV-km 87,6-14h05), Estremoz (Pedestrian supply: km 87,7-14h05), Serra D'Ossa (PM 3ª cat-km 103,9-14h28) and Redondo (MV-km 115,2-14h44). Arrival: Évora (Giraldo Square)- 15h36.

the teams

Continental Professionals (4): WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic (Belgium), Caja Rural / Seguros RGA, Burgos / BH and Euskadi / Murias (Spain).

Continental (12): Team Wiggins (Great Britain), Lokosphink (Russia), and Fundacion Euskadi (Spain) and the Portuguese W52 / FC Porto, Sporting/ Tavira, Popular radio / Boavista, Vito/ Feirense/ BlackJack, Aviludo / Louletano / Uli, LA Aluminios / Metalusa, Efapel, Liberty Seguros / Carglass and Miranda / Mortágua.

club teams (5): FGP/Cube/Bombarralense, Fortunna/Maia, Jorbi / Team José Maria Nicolau and Sicasal / Constantinos / Delta Cafés, All of Portugal and a broom (Spain).

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